One Year Anniversary of This Blog

Well, time flies when you’re having fun. I just noticed that it was October 30, 2008 when I first posted to this blog. People were always talking about blogging and I thought, why not give it a try. Here’s some statistics on it:

Total views: 7,521

Busiest day: 933 — Sunday, August 23, 2009

Posts: 139

Comments: 58

During that time, I created two spin-off blogs for the family: (my mom and sister’s author websites to promote their books).

During this past twelve months, I’ve also:


Love This Vintage Photo

My mom turned up this photo of her mother during my recent visit. I’d never seen it before. Wow, it’s hard to imagine my grandmother in the early 1900s on a motorcycle.

Take a look at that bike! I love what my grandmother is wearing. Her name was Ruth Vining and she lived in Tyro, Kansas. To read more about her life, check out my mother’s book, My Flint Hills Childhood: Growing Up in 1930s Kansas. It’s hard to tell is that’s smoke around the back of the motorcycle from the exhaust or just fading or damage to the old photo.

If you’d like to know more about the motorcycle, a reader clued me in that it’s a Flanders 4. With a little internet research, I found an old ad from 1911 that features it.

Here’s a web page I created on Hubpages with more about this motorcycle and photos of other vintage motorcycles.

Ruth Vining on Albert's motorcycle_editedRoxio

Closing in on Half a Million Views

I noticed on the eHow site that my articles are nearing the half million views milestone.  I’m also just 34 articles away from having 500 written.  Wowee….

Articles Written: 466 
Article Views: 486,593
If you’d like to contribute to my viewing numbers, here are a few titles you might find interesting and appropriate to the fall season:
  • How to Rake Leaves and Clear Them Away Quickly – 

    Trees provide wonderful shade, but overwhelm homeowners with leaves to rake in fall and spring. Equipped with some basic tools, you can rake those leaves and clear the yard in record time. Here’s how to efficiently rake and remove lots of leaves. (That’s my brother-in-law working on the leaves)

  • How to Cook a Pot Roast as Good as Mom’s  –  

    My mom’s pot roast made a fine meal with the meat fork tender and the vegetables full of flavor. After 40 years of practice, I turn out a roast beef dinner that would make my mother proud. Here’s how to make it. (I made this earlier in the week. My husband tells me he prefers the green beans and mushrooms cooked longer than the 45 minutes I suggested. He wants them soft and fully flavored with the meat juices)

  • How to Warm Up Cold Feet in Bed  – 

    Lying awake with feet that feel like blocks of ice is no fun. It seems to take forever to warm them up. Here are some ways to take the chill off. (Now that I’m back in Florida, this isn’t as much of a problem, but for those going into a northern winter… Brrr)

  • Interesting Feedback from Squidoo

    Squidoo lets you know which lenses (webpages) are doing well and which need updating. That’s a nice feature of the site.

    Top Traffic

    Nice work!

    1. An Old-Fashioned Halloween – 10 visits
    2. Sugar Valley Lakes – 10 visits
    3. An Old-Fashioned Christmas – 9 visits

    Least Traffic

    Time to get the word out.

    1. Write Family Memories for Our Echo – 0 visits
    2. My Flint Hills Childhood – Guide for Book Clubs – 0 visits
    3. My Flint Hills Childhood – 0 visits

    Nice and Fresh

    Most recently updated

    1. Meet the Author: C.J. Garriott – updated today
    2. An Old-Fashioned Christmas – updated today
    3. An Old-Fashioned Halloween – updated yesterday

    Getting Stale

    Most out-of-date lenses

    1. Write Family Memories for Our Echo – updated 36 days ago
    2. Shannon Marie Hyle (Martin): A Tribute – updated 35 days ago
    3. Sugar Valley Lakes – updated 33 days ago

    Checking the Stats

    statistics for My Flint Hills Childhood (paperback edition)
    statistics for My Flint Hills Childhood (paperback edition)

    I love checking statistics on things I’ve worked on. WordPress does a great job of providing statistics on my blog efforts.

    Now I have another place to check frequently, my mother’s book on Blurb. The site gives weekly statistics on the number of viewings of the book. Since they are having a contest this month, her viewing have taken a big jump. The contest was right on the heels of the book getting a mention in a USA Today article, so that probably contributed to the increase in viewings.

    My contribution to the book involved pulling in the content (text and photos) that Mom sent me, and working out the layout. Then I proof-read the book as well. I guess I did the book design work and editing. My part was much easier than Mom’s as she wrote most of the content over a twenty year period.

    It would be great if you would vote in the contest. The prize for the writer is $3,000. Make my 85 year old mother a happy author! To vote, just go to Blurb’s contest and get a username/password to vote. In the search box, put My Flint Hills Childhood to vote on Gail Martin’s book. You can only vote once on an individual book.

    Getting the Word Out to Sell a Lake Lot

    In the current timid real estate market, you don’t have buyers beating down you door wanting to buy your property. That means the seller must take steps to promote it. Here are some ideas that I’m trying out to sell a lake lot that we have near Kansas City. Maybe you can use some of these ideas with your property.
    On Squidoo:

    Post Photos:

    Blog about it:

      Here’s my blog article on Sugar Valley Lakes – lot for sale. 

      Update – December 2009 – We sold the lake lot to a couple who are going to build a weekend home on it.
      We still have a prairie lot near Sugar Valley Lake that we got from my parents. It has a nice stand of trees on it and is just a short walk down to the lake and to a small dock that you can fish from. It’s $250 and gives you use of the various amenities at Sugar Valley Resort. The lot is on Raccoon Drive at Plat 38 Lot 30. Call me at 863-427-2830 if you are interested in this lot or have any questions.