I’m a Solivita Celebrity Blogger

Just what does that mean? The Central Florida retirement community that I live in had a contest to select three bloggers to represent the community. We had to submit a writing sample and go for an interview. Part of the interview was videotaped and appears on the blog. I was excited to be one of the three chosen for the seven weeks of blogging about Solivita.

I’m hoping that all the people who follow this blog will drop over to see what my new blog is all about. I’m interviewing interesting people in the community to create profiles to post on the blog. I’m also creating posts about my wildlife photos and observations. Solivita has quite a few nature preserves, so we see many animals. Since I now have a camera with lots of zoom, I’m thrilled with the wildlife I’m capturing with my camera.

The bloggers are competing against each other for the most visits and comments. The winner gets a BBQ for 40 of their friends. This is a great incentive to promote our blogs and try to bring in viewers. Come give it a read! Just click on any of the links on this page to get to it. Please pass it along to your friends who might be interested in Florida or retirement communities or wildlife.


Stay Tuned for New Blog

I’m excited about being selected as one of the three “Celebrity Bloggers” for the community where I live, Solivita. Today I met the other two bloggers and found out the details of our blogging site. Luckily for me, the new blogs are using WordPress too, so I’m already familiar with the dashboard and the details of adding links and photos on WordPress.

We each have a different approach to our blogging challenge. John likes volunteering and will show off all the volunteer opportunities in our area. Gabby is a pickleball player and is currently sampling lots of new activities that she will highlight in her blog. My approach will be to showcase the fascinating people I meet in Solivita interspersed with wildlife observations. Each day will be either an interview with a Solivita resident or a photograph and description of my latest wildlife encounter.

To get a jumpstart on that, I stopped off to photograph some Little Blue Herons at their rookery. It was noontime, sunny and hot, so the young birds were panting as their nests lack shade. There was quite a bit of chatter going on as adult birds flew in with the latest meal which they regurgitate for the young. I already have a web page on Squidoo featuring the heron rookery and I’m thrilled with the photos I put with it.

Little Blue Heron, Version B, Mousepad mousepad
Little Blue Heron Mousepad by cherylarogers


I’ve been encouraging some of my eHow friends to come over to Squidoo to make web pages there. Since we no longer write for eHow, I wanted them to discover how much fun it was making lenses (Squidoo’s term for web pages). At last, a few have given it a try and I’m pleased with how quickly they catch on to making a worthwhile lens. Their writing skills and computer knowledge are a good fit for the site. Here are GottaLoveIt’s lenses:

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She shares her home with her 94 year old mother, so has the experience to write topics like Resources for Caregivers of Aging Parents and Senior Citizen Gift Ideas – from one who knows!

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