Finding Topics for Writing

I write for the eHow site and any topic is fair game, as long as it’s a how-to.  Usually I write about things I’ve recently experienced.  Keeping my camera at hand, I capture step-by-step photos of everything from How to Divide a Banana Plant to How to Find Solutions to Computer Problems Online  to How to Eat Restaurant Meals and Keep Costs Down.  At other times I dredge back through my life experiences to find informative topics that others might find interesting.  Those range widely from How to Do a Life Review with Someone with a Terminal Illness to How to Play with Paper Dolls the Old-Fashioned Way to How to Clear Up Library Fines

Sometimes I write how-to articles on a requested topic.  This results in articles like How to Find RV Kitchen Supplies …How to Find Support Groups for Children Taking Care of Elderly Parents …How to Get Your Child to Move Out After High School …How to Win Arguments Against Your Parents …How to Find Support Groups for Caregivers Who’s Spouses Have Severe Tramatic Brain Injuries (not my spelling error) …How to Find Living Arrangements for the Learning Disabled …How to Fundraise for Dog Shelters …How to Make an Adult Tinkerbell Costume

Sometimes I research and write on topics that I think will meet demand.  I find these by checking Google trends, sites that track keyword requests, and also note what the newspapers and television news are hyping.  Some of these are proving popular, like  How to Find People Who Give Away Money …How to Become a Census Taker for the Upcoming Census … How to Get Free Directory Assistance on a Cell Phone …How to Estimate a Home’s Current Value …How to Decide if You Should Postpone a Divorce During Hard Times …How to Get the Economic Stimulus Check at a New Address …How to Get Help Before Foreclosure

Another category that I get inspired to write about is charities.  I hope my articles helps lead more people to How to Give Vacations to Veterans …How to Help a Handicapped Pet …How to Grow Food for a Food Bank …How to Sign a Dog up for READing Paws …How to Help with the Backyard Bird Count

I’ve also written about some of my favorite websites.  These are all wonderful sites, so check them out:  How to Set Goals Using the 43 Things Website …How to Write Family Memories for Our Echo …How to Create Poetry Using Online Forms …How to Expand Your Vocabulary and Have Fun at the Same Time …How to Make Snow Flakes Online

I haven’t run out of topics yet and I write about ten to fifteen of these a week.


Christmas Winding Down… Shifting My Writing Gears

Most of the Christmas rush is over.  Gifts bought, wrapped, mailed, unwrapped, returned, etc.  Food bought, prepared and eaten.  Cards sent and received. 

I’m trying to get maximum enjoyment out of the Christmas trees and decorations before having to put them away.  Surely I can keep them up until January 1st at least.  Somehow the dread of boxing all the decorations hangs over my head at this time.  Putting them up was a lot more fun.

Of course, all those eHow articles I wrote about Christmas topics will languish for the next eleven months.  No one wants to know How to Decorate a Golf Cart for Christmas or How to Start a Holiday Ornament Tradition in April. 

So I’m on to other topics.  My current enthusiasm is writing up ideas for library book displays.  I covering it month-by-month, so there’s twelve articles to write for a start.  Maybe I should dredge through my old papers and find other library topics to write.  I doubt that there’s much of an audience for those, but might as well share my knowledge before it gets totally crowded out of my mind.    Here’s the first one: How to Make Library Book Displays for January.

Christmas in Florida

I’m hearing reports of snow from both sides of the family in Kansas and in Maine.  It’s 73 degrees here in Central Florida today and should be warmer tomorrow.  I’ve adjusted to being in warm climates at Christmas since I’ve lived in three warm areas since 1989 (Australia, South TX, and Central FL).

Starfish at the beach
Starfish at the beach

I saw an adorable tree decorated in a Florida theme today.  Here’s a sample from it.  I turned it into an article for Squidoo.  You can see more of it at Decorate a Florida Christmas Tree.

To go along with it, I also compiled a Gift Guide for Florida Retirees. That should help anyone wondering what to send to their grandparents in Florida for Christmas or birthdays.

More Christmas Crafts and Ideas

Christmas star
Christmas star

My mom and I are as busy as Santa’s elves writing down our Christmas crafts, recipes and ideas.  Share in our holiday fun with How to Make Fan Ornaments for Christmas …How to Make Christmas Bookmarks …How to Make a Star Ornament from a Paper Bag …How to Decorate a Golf Cart for Christmas …How to Fly Without Problems During the Holidays …How to Make Snow Flakes Online …How to Make Clothespin Reindeer Ornaments …How to Make a Snowman from a Brick …How to Make a Candy Cane Reindeer …How to Make Sugared Nuts from Black Walnuts or Pecans .

It’s not too late to make a batch of sugared nuts to give as gifts or just have around for a tasty treat.

My Photography Articles

Capturing the Sun
Capturing the Sun

I’ve written a number of articles for the eHow site about photography. 

How to Take Photos at Colonial Williamsburg

How to Photograph Spring Flowers

How to Have a Photo Scavenger Hunt

 How to Take an Alphabet of Photos

 How to Take a Photo a Day for a Year

How to Take Food Photos to Go with Recipes

How to Take Photos at Magic Kingdom 

How to Take Photos at Epcot 

How to Take Animal Kingdom Photos That You’ll Love

How to Photograph Alligators on a Florida Vacation

How to Find Flowers to Photograph

How to Take Photos From a Car

How to Photograph Mushrooms 

How to Add Photos That Enhance an eHow Article

How to Take Spider Web Photos

Here’s a few more:

How to Look Better in Snapshots

How to Make Cards from Photos

How to Write Family Memories Triggered by Photos 

How to Save Wedding Photos to a Group Website

How to Make a Family Memory Book using Photoworks or Other Print-On-Demand Sites

More eHow Articles from the Family

Keep checking Mom’s articles on eHow.  She has added the following topics: How to Make Clothespin Reindeer Ornaments …How to Make Whipped Topping from Non-Dairy Creamer …How to Make a Snowman from a Brick …How to Make a Candy Cane Reindeer …

She added twelve articles in November as well.  If you have any special requests (recipes, crafts, family history), she will probably write it up.  Just ask her.

Ginger has some new ones too.  She’s added: How to Make a Star Ornament from a Paper Bag …How to Decorate a Golf Cart for Christmas …How to Make Snow Flakes Online (this was a favorite site of Shannon’s) …How to Quit Obsessing Over Bad Economic News …How to Celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia and a host of other topics.

Five Deer on the Golf Course

We drove up to the number one tee area on the Oaks course at Solivita today.  Five deer were browsing on the new grass.  They didn’t seem alarmed at our being there in the golf cart, so I snapped some photos.  There were two fawns with white spots on their backs and three that I think were does, at least they didn’t have antlers.

White tailed deer
White tailed deer

I put all the photos that I took of them onto my Webshots site in the Florida – Nature album.  What a treat it was to see them so close.  We’ve seen two deer the last few times we played golf, but this time there were five!