Finding the Perfect Card for My Brother

My brother loves going to rod runs in the summer but sure misses his time in the garage fine-tuning his vintage street rods. Since his stroke, he’s not able to do the hands-on work that used to bring him such pleasure.

For Christmas last year, I found a super card on Zazzle that was fun, included a street rod and conveyed my holiday greetings. Now I’ve set a precedent so I can’t just resort to a ho-hum snow scene or a jolly Santa kind of card.

Looking around on Zazzle, I’ve found just the one for Christmas 2014. Not only does it include a hot rod, it was customized just for a brother. The artist had cards for all sorts of combinations like brother and his fiancee, uncle, and so on. If you have a car buff on your list, why not send him or her one of these! Just click the link to see all the variations or customize it with their name.

Here’s the one I found:

Thinking of Custom Christmas Cards?

I love how one can create unique holiday cards using Zazzle or Cafe Press. My sister took a marvelous photo last year of her Maine Coon cat sitting under the Christmas tree. It was such a delightful photo that we turned it into a Christmas card on Zazzle.

Now anyone can order it here:

A Maine Coon Christmas Greeting Cards
A Maine Coon Christmas Greeting Cards

I must say it turned out lovely. I’ve ordered cards from Zazzle in the past and the quality of the printing and the weight of the paper stock is excellent. Proceeds from the sale go to my sister. She’ll probably spend it on cat food for Olive, her Maine Coon cat.

Links for Planning a Haunted House

My page titled 101 Ideas for Haunted Houses moved recently from Squidoo to Hubpages. New guidelines do not allow more than two links to a single site. That means I had to remove these useful links.

I’m providing them here for anyone planning a haunted house.

Great Storytime Ideas by a Children’s Librarian

One of my library friends posted some great storytime topics with suggested books and songs on the List My Five website. Her username there is PupFashionista. If you ever met her dog, Esme, who dresses in adorable outfits, you’d know why she chose that name.

Here’s an example of her recommendations: Top Five Songs for Fairy Tale Storytimes.

I’m not making all the URLs clickable. Sorry, but I’m short of time. Here they are for you to check out when you need a storytime theme. You can also check my page with Storytime Ideas: Themes for Librarians and Circle Times.