Sam’s a Super Star Cat

A few days ago I created a website (lens on Squidoo) for an online friend of mine. It was to feature all her cat related articles on eHow and her blogs about feral cats, cat adoption and feline leukemia. To pull the theme together, I used her cat, Sam, as the central focus of the lens. The title of the lens is Sam – Feline Leukemia Survivor.

My friend sent the link out to all her friends and posted it in the eHow forums. The lens took off, quickly climbing in lensrank from 95,000 up to 5,000 by the third day. The very first day it was out, the lens was awarded a purple star. Purple stars are coveted honors on Squidoo and confer a lens boost too.

I submitted the lens to the Squidoo Summer Sunshine Award which pays $99 to the named Squidoo charity and $99 to the lensmaster with a winner being named every day during the summer. Wow, if Sam’s lens won in this contest, that would be $99 for the Humane Society (official Squidoo charity) and $99 that I could contribute to my friend for the tests and treatments needed by Sam.

Please visit the lens at Sam – Feline Leukemia Survivor so you can see why Sam is such a great poster cat for this cause. Your visit and comment in the guestbook give the lens a boost and help it towards earning money for the Humane Society.
Feline Leukemia Awareness Postage stamp
Feline Leukemia Awareness Postage by Susang6
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I’m a Winner

On Facebook, I’m a fan of Seaglass Jewelry by Tears of the Sea which promotes jewelry by a Maine artist. She uses seaglass to make her masterpieces. You have to see the necklaces and bracelets to appreciate the artistry involved. They are exquisite.

You can see the full range of the beautiful seaglass jewelry on their webpage.  

Once in awhile they have a contest on Facebook. The most recent one involved guessing the number of seaglass pieces in a tall jar. I guessed 790. The contest ended today and they revealed that the jar held 796, so my guess was the closest without going over. I win and the prize is an English seaglass pendant. Click on the Facebook link above to see the truly lovely prize. It amazes me that I’ve won a contest and even more amazing that it was something that I’ll treasure.

I’ve loved beach glass for a long time. Recently I made a Squidoo lens about blue beach glass.

Green Vibrations Greeting Card card
Green Vibrations Greeting Card by LHSeaglass
Shop for a card at

Toad Encounter

 I bumped into this fellow today while I planted some impatiens. He was partially hidden in the dirt, so I almost jabbed him with my trowel. Fortunately he moved, as I really didn’t see him. His coloration blended pretty well with the soil.

I took this shot with my Canon Powershot A550. It’s a small camera that fits well in the hand and easy to hold steady for a close-up shot.

I was particularly struck by how detailed the toad’s eye pattern is in this photo. You can click on the photo to see it even larger. Somewhere I read that to get good wildlife photos to focus in on the eyes. Too many of my shots just show the animal’s rump as it disappears into the brush.

The Strawberry Queen

Since our vegetable garden was a dismal failure last year, we decided to skip the cucumbers and lettuce and zucchini this year. Instead, we opted to plant blueberry bushes, blackberries, and strawberries. The first challenge was finding the plants. We trekked to Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, K-Mart and other places with garden centers. Finally, we found some strawberry plants at Marden’s, a discount store. At $2.99, they seemed a bargain compared to the $10 strawberry plants we saw at another place.

Let’s get 10, I said, but my husband suggested getting four of the skimpy looking plants and continue our search. Later we did buy the robust looking $10 plant. Our reasoning was there were actually four plants in the gallon pot so we could divide it.

Today I started planting the eight plants.  When I opened the box for the skimpy plants, it revealed ten bare-root plants in each box. Suddenly I had 44 plants to plant. Feeling a little overwhelmed, I tucked strawberry plants into every nook of the garden.

Hopefully, they will thrive in the somewhat sandy soil we have. Since we already had a strawberry patch of about 20 plants, next spring we may have to hold a strawberry festival for all our friends.


Here’s my article at Hubpages for making a raised strawberry bed.

Boosting My Laggard Lenses on Squidoo

I guess when you list things by rank, something has to be at the bottom.  Squidoo lensmasters get compulsive about checking their lensrankings. Maybe it’s just me, as I was that way with my eHow articles and before that with my Amazon reviews.

Now the challenge I’m setting myself, is to see what can be done to boost these laggard lenses that trail all the others in my list of 170 lenses (websites) on Squidoo. If nothing else, at least posting the lenses here and writing about them, creates a backlink for each of them. Google loves links and assumes you have a quality webpage if someone links to it.

  • This one is fairly obvious. Snow in Orlando is a seasonal topic, so it’s unlikely that anyone is going to look at it until they plan their December vacation to Disney World. When November comes around, I’ll update the dates for the snow events (all faux) in the Orlando area. Ranking is 379,796 as of June 1, 2010.
  • This one needs more tags (key words) for writers to find it. Only a limited number of people are looking for writer’s workshops in New Hampshire in the summer, so it is likely that Twin Farms Writing Workshop will continue to languish. Ranking is 385,410 as of June 1, 2010.
  • Ah, come on, there must be someone out there decorating a home bar. Surely they will want to look at my Decorating with Neon Bar Signs lens. I’d better look at the keywords on this one too. While I’m at it, I’ll check Amazon and eBay to see if there are some neon bar signs that I can add to the lens. Ranking is 386,487 as of June 1, 2010.
  • It’s sad to say, but the public is prone to compassion-fatique. They quickly tire of a disaster and move on to the next crisis. At the moment, people are more worried about oil-covered wildlife along the Gulf that they are in More Ways to Help Haiti. With the rainy season coming on and the potential for tropical storms and hurricanes, the displaced people of Haiti are likely to suffer even more in their makeshift camps. I’ll see if I can enhance this lens with some new information. Ranking is 393,306 as of June 1, 2010.
  • I still think this is a good idea. Just not sure how to promote it. Have you thought about forming a cooperative to fix things around your house and share your expertise with others?  Then you need to read What Is a Do-It-Yourself Club. Ranking is 401,063 as of June 1, 2010.
  • This hasn’t had fresh content added for awhile. I’ll comb through the family pictures and get some more old car photos added to Vintage Cars from My Family Album. I’ll add the great one of my grandfather next to the 1920s Ford in Greenwood County, Kansas. Ranking is 409,057 as of June 1, 2010.
  • The audience for this one is women of a certain age… fifties and sixties. That’s the time we question our values and say “is that all there is?” The books reviewed in Growing and Nurturing Yourself all address this unease that women often fight against at that age.  Maybe I should lensroll it to my other book related lenses. Ranking is 412,629 as of June 1, 2010.
  • This one I can enhance with some fresh reviews of Elsie Lee books. She was popular in the 1970s and has some devoted readers, but it isn’t likely that lots of people will suddenly discover her after all this time. Ranking is 413,825 as of June 1, 2010.
  • Lately I’ve created several genealogy lenses as I explore my family history. I need to lensroll Family Tree Posters to those and also the reverse. Also I should check the Internet to see if there are more family tree posters that I can add. I thought after the success of the TV program “Who Do You Think You Are?” that many people would be looking for genealogy-related products like I’ve featured on this lens. Ranking is 414,9e7 as of June 1, 2010.
  • When I made this, I imagined lots of individuals and families struggling with their finances. In my scenario, they flocked to this lens packed with my tips about budgeting and saving. Unfortunately Make the Money Last is competing with lots of Internet spam designed to sell you eBooks on how to get out of debt and avoid foreclosure. I’d probably be better off to take bits of this lens and make personal lenses about money handling or just forget it entirely.  It is likely to remain at the bottom of this list. Ranking is 415,927 as of June 1, 2010.