If I Were President

A second cousin chastised me on Facebook for not respecting the president. “Ok 👌🏼 I get your message “you” don’t like The President, just remember all was NOT peaches & cream before he was elected. Term limits on Congress would be a STEP in the right direction and do remember that “we the people” elected him, NOT the press.
By the way, could YOU do a better job?🦋🎶” (she added the emoji to soften the complaint against a family member)

trump national embarrassment

My reply was, “Yes, I could do better. I would get advisers who were not white supremacists and a cabinet with real qualifications, not just wealthy yes-men out to line their own pockets.”

I thanked her for her input. “Dear, Cousin, you’ve given me a good topic for my blog. Thanks. Friends, please tell me in what ways you would be a good president?”

My friend Elaine gave her input on what a good president needs to be, “No President will ever do a 100% good job. However, this President has no humanity. You could not say that about the last one.

Heck, you could not say that about any President that I remember. Well, apart from Nixon. It does not matter whether you are Republican or Democrat or anything in between. Humanity is crucial and for someone so powerful to lack it is scary for the world.”

Then in the fast-moving ways of Facebook, the question was lost in the welter of current posts. No one else answered my query. Perhaps they didn’t have an opinion or perhaps they are just weary of the constant barrage of bad news about this administration. The other possibility is they’ve learned the futility of arguing with a supporter of the president.

Gillum for Governor!

I’m pleased to see that Andrew Gillum, the candidate that I voted for in the primaries to be governor of Florida, won. It was unexpected, as CNN, etc. didn’t think a progressive candidate or a Black man could win in that state. Times are changing, folks. Bernie Sanders endorsed Gillum and I think it helped boost his candidacy.

Gillum for governor of Florida
Let’s get Gillum in as Florida governor. We need forward movement for a state that has truly suffered under Scott.

I hear some older voters wondering if Gillum will be too far left for Democratic voters in the November election. Here’s what I say to them,

“I think you will find the young voters respond very well to Gillum’s progressive views. We need to understand their desire for a better minimum wage, gun safety laws, affordable healthcare, preserving our environment, affordable college, etc. In the long run, we will all be the better for it. If these ideas are too far left, what is our country coming to?”

Plus, remind them that they were the ones touting “Vote Blue – No Matter Who” and then blaming Bernie for not adequately turning out the vote for Clinton. So, the message for November in Florida is “Vote Blue – No Matter Who” and get to work registering new voters and wooing Independents.”

A Facebook friend asked what she could do to help Andrew Gillum, Anna Eskamani, Stephanie Murphy and Bill Nelson as we approach November. She was looking for some things she could do just as an everyday citizen.

How to Help Democrats Win in November

  • Get some yard signs for your yard. Find the local campaign office to get some.  Bill Nelson’s campaign office phone number is 407-413-5494
  • Talk to your friends and neighbors
  • Post positive stuff about the candidates in as many public groups as possible. Don’t just post in the echo chamber (groups that already support the candidate).
  • Write letters to the editor
  • Encourage people to register to vote. There is still time. They can register online.
  • Volunteer for a phone bank
  • Contact the local campaign offices and ask them what they need.
  • Contact Sarah Elbadri to help with the Gillum campaign. You can make calls or canvas.
  • Canvassing, postcarding to get out the vote, and phone calls.
  • Post positive stuff about the candidates in places where the general public will see it, such as responses to news articles, etc.
  • Check the Gillum for Governor Facebook group for more ideas.

graham for gillum