Too Many Books?

When someone moves, they often try to downsize and avoid carrying excess STUFF to the new home. Good idea. One thing that’s hard to let go of is books. Many of us get emotionally attached to our books.

Reading a book is such a personal experience. Each reader brings their own frame of reference to the book. Who you are, your values, your past experiences, your current emotional state, all come into play as you read the words the author put on the page.

Even books we haven’t read are hard to dump. That books holds the promise of new characters or information to discover. How can we release it unread? Rationally you can know that you aren’t ever going to read that book, but it still occupies your shelf.

It’s easier to give up a book if you think of it as a gift. Any book donated to a library or given to another reader has another chance to be read again. Even books given to charity thrift shops are a boon to someone. A future reader finds the book on the bargain shelf and cradles it in their arm as they head home to read it.

By releasing your books, you are putting them back into circulation for future readers. Keep that in mind and it becomes easier to downsize your book collection.

Home, Sweet Home

I used to decorate with the shabby chic style.  It was lots of fun.  Here are my articles about decorating and home topics.





  • How to Estimate a Home’s Current Value
  • How to Get a Certified Deed Easily and at Low Cost
  • How to Get Help Before Foreclosure
  • How to Save on Heating Bills the New England Way
  • Writing Challenge on eHow

    750795_green_fountain_pen_and_ink_bottleThis time, we’re challenged to write fourteen articles in seven days.  I hesitated to take it on.  That’s a lot of ideas and writing.  Oh well, I’ll give it a try.  I’ll add the article titles as I finish them.  The deadline is February 14.

    1. How to Make Word Graphics to Use with eHow Articles
    2. How to Use Half-Price Candy after a Holiday
    3. How to Ego Surf the Internet
    4. How to Get eHow Earnings Reports in Detail
    5. How to Report Spammers on eHow
    6. How to Keep THINGS from Taking over Your Life
    7. How to Grow and Nurture Yourself through Reading (Women)     Hurrah, I’m halfway to the goal and it’s only February 10th!
    8. How to Make an Easter Basket for a Lady Golfer
    9. How to Play Ready Golf
    10. How to Increase Kitchen Counter Space
    11. How to Hold a Budget Fashion Show for a Women’s Club
    12. How to Make Pasta Salad that’s Super Easy
    13. How to Help Australian Wildlife Injured in Fires
    14. How to Get Remembered When Missing Family Gatherings

    I’m finished and it’s one day early.  I hope you have time to sample a few of the articles.

    Taking a New Look at New Year’s Resolutions

    I get tired of resolving year-after-year to “lose weight and exercise more.”  Actually I’ve found it helpful to focus more on things that will be fun and in being happy with my life.  The great part is that in doing the fun things, I end up losing weight and exercising more.  Here are my suggestions for the new year:  How to Be Nice to Yourself …How to Set Goals Using the 43 Things Website …How to Feel Better Quickly (Mood Boosting Ideas) …How to Quit Obsessing Over Bad Economic News …How to Reduce Aggravations in Your Life …

    This year, I do want to clear out things that are needlessly filling my closets and garage.  How to Eliminate Clutter That Has Emotional Links  …How to Know You Have Too Much Stuff …How to Sell Antique Diaries

    I do want to read more.  How to Make Time for Reading …How to Use Reading to Exercise Your Mind …How to Find Book Sales …How to Expand the Mind through Reading …

    I want to write more.  How to Create Poetry Using Online Forms …How to Write Family Memories for Our Echo …How to Become a Top Reviewer on Amazon …How to Write Family Memories Triggered by Photos …How to Write a Trip Poem …How to Get the Most from a Writer’s Workshop

    I want to get really good at the things that interest me (gardening, photography, writing for eHow).  How to Become an Expert in Anything …How to Photograph Mushrooms …How to Find Flowers to Photograph …

    White Rose Bouquet
    White Rose Bouquet

    I want to be nicer to other people.  How to Spread Good Feelings …How to Reconnect with Old Friends …

    Hopefully in trying to do those things, I’ll have a happy new year.  I see from the articles I’ve written (links in blue above), that I know what I need to do, so it’s just a matter of applying my energy to these things. 

    Best of luck to all of you in having your own “happy new year.”