In Trump’s Mind…

Guest Blogger: KerryAnn M. (last name withheld because of Trolls)

Here’s KerryAnn’s latest post,

Lindsey Graham: “All I can tell you is from the president’s point of view, he did nothing wrong in his mind”

That’s the defense? That could not only be the defense of, well, just about all criminals, teenagers and cats but also a pretty damn good reason he shouldn’t be running the country. There is something wrong with his mind.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, possible text that says 'Jennifer Rubin @JRubinBlogger Think of it this way: Trump has been impeached. A healthy majority think he abused power and obstructed Congress. The trial is about whether Republican Senators want to be accomplices. It is they who are on trial.'

It’s interesting to see other people react to this statement by Graham:

  • Martin B. says, “That is how Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) decides on the Trump impeachment: the president thinks he’s right, so that makes him right.So if you’re ever accused of wrongdoing, just call Graham.

    The kompromat file on Lindsey must be explosive.”

  • Bobby B. commented, “I’d love to know what the President has on Graham.”

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A Dane Shares His Observations of America

I was impressed by the thoughtful information provided by a resident of Denmark, named Tor B. on a social media site. He spent some time in the U.S. as a high school student back in the early 90s. He has remained a fan of our country and is following the campaign of Bernie Sanders for President. It motivated him to share his personal knowledge of how Democratic Socialism programs function in his country and why he admires Bernie.

For those who might be confused about the difference between Socialism and Democratic Socialism, here’s the short version. Democratic Socialism is in use in the Scandinavian countries and in many programs in Canada and Australia and other countries.

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Because of trolls who might pester him, I’ve opted to just use an initial instead of his last name.

Our Guest Blogger, Tor B. wrote this in January 2020

I feel a deep connection to Bernie and his lovely movement, and I’m writing this 3-minute letter 📜 to inspire and encourage the American people into believing that a free society that actually works for the people should exist in your country…and soon will 💚🏄 🇺🇸 🕊️❤️

My name is Tor, and I’m from Denmark 🇩🇰 I went to High School in your country 🗽 back in 91/92.

I love America, its diversity and your culture 🦅

But I can also imagine what an amazing country the US could be for the working and middle class if you implemented Bernie Sanders ideas in your everyday lives

I’m a former college student 👩‍🎓 myself here in Denmark. And as part of our universal welfare model it was free $0.

I have never paid anything to go to the doctor or the hospital 🏥 $0.

Medicine prices are fair regulated and people get subsidies for their medicine 💊

Parents 👪 have the right to 12 months paid maternity leave combined.

Universal childcare 👫 is a guarantee.

Our seniors have the right to a secure and safe retirement. Denmark is ranked among the 2 best countries in the world with the strongest retirement model 🏖️🏘️🎨📻📺

Yes. We pay slightly higher taxes if your income is less than $76,000 per year.

If you make from $76,000 annually and up, you must pay an additional 15% in taxes. But only of the amount exceeding $76,000.

We start off with a Personal allowance of $600 a month before we pay any taxes.

Let’s say you make up to $18,000 annually as a part-time worker, you end up paying around 25% in tax.

A Public Schoolteacher 👩‍🏫 makes around $5,000 monthly ($60,000 annually) – and then pays on average around 35% back in taxes.

Our minimum wage is currently $20 (inclusive vacation supplement)

We have a 37-hour workweek and 6 weeks vacation 🏖️ In addition comes 11 public holidays 🌅

Denmark is recently ranked no. 1 in ‘ Best Country for Business ‘ in the world 🌳

So despite our welfare system, we are very much a market-based economy with a great business climate 🏗️ 🛴🏄🛒💵

As of November 2019, our unemployment rate is 3,7% 👩‍🔬👷

Annually the average Dane makes around $50,000 and every household around $90,000.

A Gallon of Milk 🥛 is around $4

A Gallon of Gas  is about $6

A Big Mac 🍔 is around $4

Inflation was 0.8% in 2018 and yes, increase in salaries seem to match it thanks to the unions protecting and backing the workforce 👷

Average monthly rent is probably around $800 – 1,000 for a decent modern 2-bedroom apartment + $150 – 200 utility expenses

You can buy a decent house for $300,000 🏠

You can buy a decent new car for $30,000 and a small new city car for $15,000 🚘

Purchasing Power or Real Wages as some people call it has gone up 40% in Denmark since the 80’s 🕺

And this is the most proven sign that the system works for the Working and Middle class of our society 👍

Just like the US 🇺🇸 – Denmark is one of the richest countries in the world.

We are like just any other modern western country, and in many ways alike the American lifestyle of living 🍔🎢🌅🚗🏈🏀🏟️🛒💼💵🖥️🎃✈️🚔🚄🥃🍩🌭🍕🍟💎👠🎓🏍️🏄🏌️⛷️🍿🥪

BUT the resources are spread out and leaves no one behind – which is the essential and most profound difference between Denmark and the US.

And it has nothing to do with size, but yet everything to do with equality and fighting for someone you don’t know. Which I believe, is also the very medicine that will eventually heal the soul of America, retake democracy and bring it back to the people.

Denmark and the US have been good friends for a LONG time. 300,000 Danes emigrated to America from 1850 and 70 years on including my grandmother’s sisters 👵👴

Today, the US is our biggest trading partner 💯

I love Bernie Sanders and I have loved him since 2015 when I got to know more about him ❤️

Your own President Franklin D. Roosevelt 1933 – 1945 was probably a Democratic Socialist.

There is so much human wealth in your everyday life, knowing that nobody in your country should be suffering from poverty as a direct cause of governance.

Denmark is the least corrupt country on earth 🌍

We are automatically registered to vote, and we have 13 political parties to choose from. We have a democratic system, 1 Person = 1 Vote, and no such thing as super-delegates nor an electoral college. And this simple model secures the power to the people every day of the week.

Bernie’s model is the key to secure hard-working families a decent living by practically getting money out of politics like in the majority of western society.

We have something called ‘ The Danish Model ‘ and it’s a successful combination of economic dynamic and social security.

You are gonna be blessed with the Bernie version “Not Me, Us” ⛹️

Many studies in recent years show that Danes are the happiest and most satisfied people in the western world 🌍

Although we are a more harmoniously composed population, it’s all about people coming and standing together 👬

And this I believe, is happening right this moment in America with Bernie Sanders strongly and compellingly leading the way.

There is nothing wrong with being social, in terms of securing each other’s backs 👬. It only makes everybody happier 😀 💚🤸

A wise guy once taught me that there is no ‘I’ in TEAM 😘

I’m writing this because I believe in Bernie Sanders, but also because I believe like him it can be done in the US. Just believe in it and it will happen!

Please remember 🙂 for every positive action you make and for every dollar you are able to donate – the chance that Bernie wins increases every day 🌄

Keep believing!

Lots of love

Tor ❤️

PS : I think the greatest thing Bernie has done is bringing us together. Also across borders. And I think it’s beautiful 🐦

To back up what Tor has told us, here’s another country’s example as explained by a school teacher from Sweden in 2016.

sweden healthcare socialists