More Memory Triggers – Your Young Adult Years

I recommend a book by Patricia Ann Case called How to Write Your Autobiography: Preserving Your Family Heritage. In it she poses questions to trigger your writing. They are arranged and grouped in a logical way, so you can progress through your life memories and get them onto paper. You don’t write in the book, but she suggests numbering your pages as you write to keep it in sequence.

For the young adult years, she asks questions like these:

  • Whey you reached your young adult years, did you see changes in your family’s way of life from the time when you were little?
  • How did those changes affect the family?
  • Were there modern conveniences added by your family by this time?
  • What trends did you see like people moving to the cities or away from the cities or other influences?

Be sure to visit my weekly posting of Writing Triggers for Family Memories .


Where Have You Been?

I was reading an interesting article on eHow about keeping track of your travels around the world. My world travels are limited enough, that I don’t have to go to a lot of effort to track them. Besides Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Wales, and France, I haven’t traveled widely. My trips around the U.S. and Canada are fairly extensive.

Perhaps you travel a lot, then you’ll want to read this and try out the method for tracking your trips.

Posting to Redgage

In checking statistics on my Squidoo lenses, I noted that more backlinks were needed to boost the lens rank on my top ten lenses. I hadn’t been to Redgage for awhile, but this seemed like a good time and place to start getting those backlinks.

Unfortunately I’m easily distracted, so while dutifully plugging my articles into their form, I noticed their ongoing contest. One way to enter the contest is by giving Redgage a mention and posting a link. Now that seems easy enough. Here’s a link to one of my postings on Redgage, so you can see how the Create a Tuscan Patio lens looks on Redgage. Now I need to go back and let them know I’ve created this mention, so I’m entered in the contest.

My Top Ten Squidoo Lenses

It’s interesting to see how my Squidoo lenses (webpages) shift around from day-to-day and week-to-week. These are the ones that have risen to the top of my 140 lenses for this week.

  • I’m not surprised about this one, Becoming a Top Amazon Reviewer, since it was featured as Lens of the Day on Squidoo last week. Being featured, it received lots of views, many comments and 70 people gave it a 5 star rating. Five Squidoo angels conferred blessings on it that day as well. The blessings boost the ranking of the lens for awhile.  It was also posted in the Lens of the Day blog, so that gives me a backlink which is always a plus online. It’s not getting much traffic from Google, so I need to work on that as the in-house Squidoo traffic will drop off after the glamour of lens of the day wears off.
  • This lens, Create a Tuscan Patio, has been getting quite a bit of referrals from Google. I try to tweak it frequently and add some more pictures. It’s a visually satisfying lens, and received an angel blessing to give it a boost too and a purple star.  Apparently a lot of people are looking for ideas and information about Tuscan patios.
  • This was just a topic that appealed to me, Save an Old Barn, and I thought of it as a way to use some photos I’d taken of old barns. Then I saw it was getting traffic from people wanting to restore old barns, so I’ve added more and more to it about finding grants and links about people who are saving barns. Apparently it is filling a need, as it has risen to #43 in the nonprofits and volunteering category.
  • This lens, Alligators: Fun Facts, started out to be just general info about alligators. Gradually I’ve slanted it to appeal to children and added lots of cute alligator graphics. When I Google the words alligator fun facts, my webpage comes up on the first page of results. It’s number 8 down the list. That’s really good. Many people don’t bother to look beyond that first list of results, so it’s important to be there and not further down.
  • I had one eHow article on this and created Wine Corks and Ways to Use Them to feature it and give it a backlink. Now the lens on Squidoo is getting lots of traffic from Google through quite a variety of search terms. It has received an angel blessing as well and a purple star on Squidoo.I started this one during the lens-a-day challenge.
  • Apparently other lensmasters have messy desks too, because HELP – My Desk Is Buried Under a Mountain of Paper is getting comments and traffic from within Squidoo. It’s #235 in the business category on Squidoo.
  • This is one of my older lenses, but Self-Publishing with Blurb has some appeal for lensmasters since they are all writers and potentially could publish something.
  • I started Writers at 80 and 90 as a way to feature the amazing senior writers on the Our Echo website. Some of the traffic probably comes from their passing it along to their friends. It received an angel blessing to boost it.
  • This lens jumped up this week while I hosted the eHow moscot, eHow Dolly Visits Central Florida.  After this week, I won’t have anything to add to it to keep it updated or to lure traffic, so I imagine it will plummet to the bottom. I’ve posted links several times this week in the eHow forums to drive traffic to this one. It’s ranked #343 in travel on Squidoo.
  • For 31 days, I created a new lens each day and posted the link in this lensography, The Lens-a-Day Challenge. It has quite a few backlinks from all the other lensographies by others participating in the challenge.  I think lens rank must get quite a boost from frequent updates and that has helped this one and also the eHow Dolly one.

    Being an Amazon Affiliate

    I signed up last year as an Amazon Affiliate. That means when I mention a book, I can link to Amazon. It’s convenient for people reading my blog or an eHow article or Squidoo lens, as they can click on the link if they want to order the book. The nice part for me is Amazon gives me a commission when anyone buys the book’s that I recommend. Being a retired librarian, I’m going to recommend books whether they pay me or not. Might as well get paid, even if it is only 60 or 80 cents. Eventually it might add up to something.

    Here’s an example below. In the last four days, people ordered these books from Amazon after reading about them in my articles. As you can see, it’s a pretty good deal for Amazon. They sell a book for $19.95, and only have to pay me 80 cents for finding a book buyer for them.

    ABC of Leather Bookbinding   $19.95   1   $0.80
    Bookbinding: Its Background and Technique (Two Volumes Bound as One) (v. 1 & 2)   $16.47   1   $0.66
    Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide 2010   $18.45   1   $0.74

    So if you’re thinking of buying anything from, I’d love it if you clicked on this link to Amazon to place your order. It doesn’t matter what you order, so go ahead and buy a laptop or ink for your printer or anything.  I’d love to have a commission from it.

    Making a Lens-A-Day on Squidoo

    There’s a challenge on the Squidoo website to make a lens (webpage) every day on a posted topic. I managed to keep up with the challenge for the first 21 days, but I’m about ready for a break.  Here’s what I’ve created so far. Check out the ones that interest you.

    My First Day in Australia

    Twenty years ago, I flew to Australia to join my new husband. He was in Alice Springs on assignment and my arrival had been delayed by visa requirements and an airline strike. Now I’d arrived all alone in Sydney and had a day’s layover before going o…

    featured lens Hosting the Air Force Reunion
    My husband served in the Air Force back during the Vietnam War era. That was a long time ago, but he made some deep friendships in the four years he was in the service. One friend he stayed in touch with over the years. The two of them visited each…

    featured lens Celebrate Your Irish Heritage (Not Just on St. Patrick’s Day)
    Sure everyone’s Irish on St. Patty’s Day, but having even a drop of Irish blood in your veins entitles you to take pride in your celtic heritage all the time. Don’t wait for a once-a-year holiday to enjoy Irish music, foods and other traditions. Here…

    featured lens Start the Day Right: Eating Enough Fruit
    Of course, we always knew that fruits and vegetables were important part of our nutrition, but then the government advised eating five servings a day. That’s when it hit all of us that we were really shorting ourselves. We tried to squeeze more fruit…

    featured lens I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy
    When we were kids, every fourth of July we took time away from the fire crackers and hand-cranked ice cream to watch Yankee Doodle Dandy on television. There was something so satisfying about George M. Cohan’s vintage movie that made our hearts swell…

    featured lens Bookmarks for Book Lovers

    If you’re here reading about bookmarks, then I’m guessing that you’re a book lover like I am. I worked in libraries for thirty years and never got tired of being around books day in and day out. One thing we would tell children when they got their fi…

    featured lens Stick-to-it-iveness
    The words above are all synonyms for the old-fashioned phrase STICK-TO-IT-IVENESS. It’s a pretty important quality to have. In this day and age of quick sound bytes and short attention spans, we could use a little more stick-to-it-iveness. Too often…

    featured lens My Little Old Rambler
    Towards the end of the 1960s when I left for college, my father found a little Rambler for me to drive. It was used, but he was good at patching up old cars and I was grateful for the wheels, any wheels. That little Rambler carried me the 60 miles be…

    featured lens What’s a Cakewalk?
    When I was growing up, sometimes at community events there would be a cakewalk. It was sort of like musical chairs with everyone going around a circle while the music played. When the music stopped, someone would win a cake. That was forty years ago,…

    featured lens Everything Is Beautiful (Ray Steven’s Song)
    Number twelve on the Top 100 Songs of 1970, this song makes a great one to listen to when you needed an emotional boost. It’s a song of inclusion and of embracing differences. I suggest starting the music video (just down the page a little bit), the…

    Red Sox Spring Training

    The Red Sox inspires undying fan loyalty. No matter where they go, the Red Sox Nation turns out to see them. Catching just a glimpse of their favorite players is an event. The games are sold out, so getting tickets requires some planning and effort….

    featured lens Gail and Clyde Martin and Their Crafts
    My mom and dad tackled a variety of crafts over the years. Many of these crafts linked back to their Kansas pioneer heritage. Examples of those include rag dolls and the wagon wheel rag rugs. During my childhood, Mom was always the crafty one, but on…

    featured lens Snow in Orlando
    It’s hard to imagine snow in Orlando, Florida. You won’t find real snow, but when Christmas draws near, Central Florida offers numerous activities for anyone dreaming of a white Christmas. It’s a wonderful time to visit the theme parks. Here’s where…

    featured lens Where Does Bacon Come From?
    Most Americans would rather not know where their food originates. I call it the Bambi syndrome, where we think of cute little animals and then find ourselves unable to eat venison. Growing up on a farm, I knew very well where our food came from and e…

    featured lens What Is a Do-It-Yourself Club
    Hiring carpenters, plumbers and other specialists for home projects get expensive. It’s hard to be an expert and fix everything yourself. Some homeowners are pooling their talents and expertise in do-it-yourself clubs. You can save money this way if…

    A Is for Annabelle

    Who can resist Tasha Tudor’s lovely illustrations? This ABC book starts with Annabelle, the antique doll, and goes on to show her bonnet, cape, and wonderful clothes and accessories. I loved this book when I was little. The idea of a doll having her…

    featured lens Photographing Mushrooms
    Several summers ago in New Hampshire, it was particularly rainy which restricted some of our usual activities of kayaking and other sunny day pursuits. Due to the excessive rain, conditions were perfect for mushrooms and they were popping up everywhe…

    featured lens Baby Bunnies
    When I was a kid, we raised rabbits. It was a 4-H project and we worked hard at it. Despite the work involved, all of us whole-heartedly participated in the project. A big bonus of raising rabbits is how much fun the furry, cuddley baby rabbits are….

    featured lens Cupcake Designs to Wear
    If you’re a fan of cupcakes, then you need a cupcake shirt to match your personality. Maybe you are a master baker of cupcakes or just a master eater of cupcakes, no matter which it is, there’s a shirt for you. These shirt designs come from the tale…

    featured lens Carrie Nation: Kansas Crusader
    Growing up in Kansas, we studied Kansas history and the biographies of noted Kansans. The ones that remain vivid in my mind include Amelia Earhart, William Allen White, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Wild Bill Hickox and Carrie Nation. Carrie Nation especiall…

    HELP – My Desk Is Buried Under a Mountain of Paper

    When I was a library director, my desk contained stacks and stacks of papers. Now that I’m retired, I thought there would be time to maintain a tidy desk. After all, I no longer had to deal with staff schedules, grant applications, monthly statistics…

    Do You Have a Sugar Valley Lot for Sale?

    I’ve created a website using Squidoo about activities around Sugar Valley Lakes in Kansas. There’s a comment section where anyone can add information about a Sugar Valley Lakes lake lot or a prairie lot that they’re selling. This is a free public service and there is no charge to list the lot on the website. I noticed that people visiting the site about Sugar Valley activities were also interested in buying property there.

    Here’s the site where you can post your lake lot or prairie lot for Sugar Valley Lakes. I actually sold both a lake lot and a prairie lot using that website. Other places where you can list the lot is on the Kansas City Craig’s List (free) and post it on the bulletin board in the Sugar Valley Lakes Clubhouse.