Promoting My Top Lenses on Squidoo

I recently read that it’s best to focus your promotional efforts on Squidoo lenses that already show signs of upward movement. These are the ones that with a little boost might move into the top tier where they will earn some money on the site. Listed below are the current TOP TEN from my 150+ lenses. When Squidoo divides the earnings each month among the lenses, the ones in the top tier (2000 ranking and above) receive the most money.

Now I need to figure out what would make them move up even more.

  1. Library Book Displays is ranked 2,959 so it needs to move up by almost 1000 in the rankings. It has had 56 visits this week. Since librarians are looking for book display ideas before the new month starts, it will get traffic over the next eight days without any effort on my part. I did add a blog link to a Creative Library Displays site today. I’ll leave it alone for now.
  2. Create a Tuscan Patio is ranked # 122 in the Home and Garden category. I gave it a tiny edit today, adding a review to Under the Tuscan Sun in the Amazon module.  Google likes it and has brought in 272 viewers for it in 2 1/2 months.  Seven people have added it to their favorites on Squidoo.
  3. Save an Old Barn has dropped to 5,053 in ranking, so it needs some boosting to get up to the magical 2,000 level. I gave it a review on Stumble Upon just today. We’ll see if that moves it up any.  I also added some book review excerpts from Amazon today. They say Google likes fresh content.
  4. Wine Corks and Ways to Use Them is ranked at 7,405, down from its high of 3,308.  I edited it on April 18, adding some colored backgrounds to dress up some of the text sections. I’ve added a lot of tags for it and posted it to the SheToldMe site. 
  5. Alligators: Fun Facts weighs in at 8,020. It’s safely in the second tier and unlikely to move up to first tier this month.
  6. Solivita Gift Shop ranks just below the Alligator Fun Facts at 8,178. I’ve posted this on the Solivita community website (Solivita Live), so that’s drawing some traffic to it. Actually my desire would be to sell some of my Zazzle gift items that it features, so I’m not so concerned about what it earns from Squidoo. Of course, the more traffic to it, the more likely someone will buy a mug or mousepad or t-shirt with my Solivita photos on them.
  7. What’s a Cakewalk? surprised me by climbing to 8,330. It’s an odd topic, exploring an African-American dance dating back to slavery days. It did receive an angel blessing, so that’s given it a boost. I’m pleased with the information I found for it and it’s visually appealing with the old sheet music from minstrel shows.
  8. Sugar Valley Lakes  is at 8,418 ranking on Squidoo. I had hoped that anyone selling a lot or home at Sugar Valley would post their sale info on my lens. That would keep it active. Obviously people are finding the lens (28 visits this week) and maybe coming back in hopes of seeing lots for sale or using the information I gathered about activities in the area.
  9. Lake Cottage is at the 22, 502 ranking, so it would have to move up to 10,000 to be in the 2nd tier payout on Squidoo. I’ll look it over to see how I can enhance it.
  10. My Interests: A to Z is  at 22, 908 so it needs a boost to 10,000. That’s probably not achievable with only one week left of this month.

My Tindeco Tin Collection

Tindeco tin with butterfly

We’re having fun reorganizing our garage and improving the storage. This motivated me to pull out two big storage bins filled with vintage Tindeco tins. Since I already have dozens of them on display inside the house, there just isn’t room for these. As I unwrapped each one from it’s bubble wrap, it reminded me of fun excursions to the weekly flea market in Edmundson, Maryland and occasional trips up to Shupp’s Grove, an antique’s flea market in Pennsylvania.

Deciding that the tins should no longer languish in storage, I created a webpage on Squidoo about Tindeco.  I took photos of all the tins in one bin, resized all the photos and posted them on the website. Maybe today, I’ll get the second batch of tins photographed. My hopes are that other Tindeco collectors will discover them and I can sell them. Maybe I’ll even inspire new collectors to start collecting Tindeco. They really are a premium tin and the 1920s when they were created was the heyday of tin container art. Some of the tins feature Harrison Fisher artwork. Also very popular are the Peter Rabbit tins that Tindeco made.