Home, Sweet Home

I used to decorate with the shabby chic style.  It was lots of fun.  Here are my articles about decorating and home topics.





  • How to Estimate a Home’s Current Value
  • How to Get a Certified Deed Easily and at Low Cost
  • How to Get Help Before Foreclosure
  • How to Save on Heating Bills the New England Way
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    Working on the Challenge

    The eHow site posted a challenge to write ten articles in seven days.  The deadline is midnight, January 17.  I’m starting with 292 articles, so my goal is to reach 302.  I’ll add updates as I get the articles written.

    1. How to Take Photos at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
    2. How to Vent about Poor Service or Faulty Products
    3. How to Decorate a Valentine Tree
    4. How to Make a Valentine Craft Kit for Children
    5. How to Collect Vintage Spice Tins
    6. How to Make Library Book Displays for October
    7. How to Get to Work on Time
    8. How to Improve Signs in a Business or Nonprofit on a Shoestring
    9. How to Make Gravy for Pot Roast
    10. How to Get Bright Ideas in the Workplace

    I’m finished with the ten articles.  Yah!  I met the deadline (actually I’m two days early).