Does Your Whole Family Write?

I have a web page called A Family of Writers: Handing Down a Writing Tradition. It celebrates all the writers in my family. Five generations so far.

My family is filled with writers, going back to my grandmother in 1924. Actually I have a great-great grandfather who kept a diary during the civil war, so maybe it goes back even further.

Vintage Typewriter mousepad
Vintage Typewriter by JuJuGarden

It would be great to pass along the tradition of writing in your family. I’m fortunate that almost everyone in my family writes so it was a natural activity for me to pursue. I’ve included in this lens some books to foster writing in the family. Maybe you can start a writing tradition in your family. Start them off right by encouraging your children to write.

If you write, it’s a good idea to have a writer’s business card to hand out. Mine includes the web page addresses for the online sites where I post my writing.