I Love Polls

Today Squidoo popped up with this message, “You are a master poll giver. 23,000 of your polls have been taken so far.” When I first started making lenses, I didn’t bother with polls. I missed out on some good information.

Reading other lenses, I began to realize how useful a poll could be. It adds some interaction with the reader that keeps them on the page a little longer which impresses both Squidoo and Google. It adds variety as the eye skims down the page, breaking up blocks of text or batches of products for sale.

Best of all, it gives the lensmaster feedback that can be used to improve the page over time. Ask questions about what people found most helpful on the page or what they were looking for. Ask them their preference on products (colors, features, price range).

Get some demographic information as far as age or gender to tailor the page to the visitor. Is the visitor a kid looking for cool pics of their favorite toy or is it a parent or grandparent looking to buy?

I adjust my pages based on the numbers revealed by the polls. Once I find that more of the visitors are students or history buffs or casual readers, then I can revise my history topics accordingly.