Another Writing Challenge at eHow

This challenge requires twelve articles written between January 25 and January 31.  That’s seven days, so here’s my effort to meet the challenge.  I’ll add the articles to the list below as I finish them.

  1. How to Stop Biting My Nails
  2. How to Stop Bitching
  3. How to Tend the Flag in Golf
  4. How to Raise Money with a Friends of the Library Group
  5. How to Help a Library with a Friends of the Library Group
  6. How to Make Taco Salad the Easy Way
  7. How to Decide If Cataract Surgery Is for You
  8. How to Find Nationality of Last Names
  9. How to Make Library Book Displays for December
  10. How to Make Valentines from Altered Cards
  11. How to Use Walla Properly
  12. How to Make a Grandmother Happy

Wow, I’m done and it’s two days ahead of the deadline.  That was good practice, as I think the next challenge will be 13 articles in 7 days.  If you sample any of the articles, leave me a comment to let me know what you think.

Chill in Florida

My impatients look a little nipped this morning after 30 degree temperatures last night.  I’d hastily bunched some of the patio plants together and thrown a sheet over them, but left a few with heavier pots in place unprotected.  It looks like they will survive with just a little die-back.

It’s expected to be equally cold tonight.  It hasn’t been very warm even today, just barely reaching 51 degrees.  My fingers are cold as I sit here typing.  We get spoiled, here in the Orlando area, with winter temperatures usually in the 70s.  By Friday, it will warm back up.  I’m looking forward to it.

We cancelled our tee time for golf today.  It’s not much fun playing when it’s really cold.  I have an article about playing golf in cold weather, in case you ever have to do that.

January 22 – Well, a few things that I didn’t protect well enough froze.  I’ll have to replace a thriving banana plant and  a poinsettia.  If I hadn’t covered them with sheets, I think all the patio plants would be gone.  Warmer weather is expected tomorrow, thank goodness.

Hurray for America!

Flying the Flag
Flying the Flag

I’ve been watching the pagentry and commentary surrounding the inauguration for the past few days.  I’m feeling inspired and hopeful.  I thought today that Obama looked grave, as well he might with the task he faces.  He did not seem daunted though.

People are so fearful right now about the economy, the state of the world, the war, … everything.  Still two million people trekked to Washington, D.C.  They stood in freezing temperatures, waving small flags.  A new president has given them hope.   To see a black man overcome the prejudices and collect enough support to be elected president sets a wonderful precedent.  It doesn’t matter if you came from a broken home, were poor or a person of color, America is the land of opportunity. 

Are many of the limitations in our lives self-imposed?  We need to look at what road blocks we place in front of ourselves.    Even if others obstruct us, there are ways to go forward.  Go around those road blocks or over them or dig a tunnel to get to the other side.

Sort of an Award for Golf

After a summer where I played little golf, my game was a bit rusty this fall.  Today I got an award, sort of, for being the second most-improved-golfer for the month of January.  Since my handicap had run amok in October, November and December, it was about time my game started shaping up.

Anyway, I won $15 in free practice balls at the practice range.  Maybe my game will improve even more.

Working on the Challenge

The eHow site posted a challenge to write ten articles in seven days.  The deadline is midnight, January 17.  I’m starting with 292 articles, so my goal is to reach 302.  I’ll add updates as I get the articles written.

  1. How to Take Photos at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  2. How to Vent about Poor Service or Faulty Products
  3. How to Decorate a Valentine Tree
  4. How to Make a Valentine Craft Kit for Children
  5. How to Collect Vintage Spice Tins
  6. How to Make Library Book Displays for October
  7. How to Get to Work on Time
  8. How to Improve Signs in a Business or Nonprofit on a Shoestring
  9. How to Make Gravy for Pot Roast
  10. How to Get Bright Ideas in the Workplace

I’m finished with the ten articles.  Yah!  I met the deadline (actually I’m two days early).

Taking a New Look at New Year’s Resolutions

I get tired of resolving year-after-year to “lose weight and exercise more.”  Actually I’ve found it helpful to focus more on things that will be fun and in being happy with my life.  The great part is that in doing the fun things, I end up losing weight and exercising more.  Here are my suggestions for the new year:  How to Be Nice to Yourself …How to Set Goals Using the 43 Things Website …How to Feel Better Quickly (Mood Boosting Ideas) …How to Quit Obsessing Over Bad Economic News …How to Reduce Aggravations in Your Life …

This year, I do want to clear out things that are needlessly filling my closets and garage.  How to Eliminate Clutter That Has Emotional Links  …How to Know You Have Too Much Stuff …How to Sell Antique Diaries

I do want to read more.  How to Make Time for Reading …How to Use Reading to Exercise Your Mind …How to Find Book Sales …How to Expand the Mind through Reading …

I want to write more.  How to Create Poetry Using Online Forms …How to Write Family Memories for Our Echo …How to Become a Top Reviewer on Amazon …How to Write Family Memories Triggered by Photos …How to Write a Trip Poem …How to Get the Most from a Writer’s Workshop

I want to get really good at the things that interest me (gardening, photography, writing for eHow).  How to Become an Expert in Anything …How to Photograph Mushrooms …How to Find Flowers to Photograph …

White Rose Bouquet
White Rose Bouquet

I want to be nicer to other people.  How to Spread Good Feelings …How to Reconnect with Old Friends …

Hopefully in trying to do those things, I’ll have a happy new year.  I see from the articles I’ve written (links in blue above), that I know what I need to do, so it’s just a matter of applying my energy to these things. 

Best of luck to all of you in having your own “happy new year.”