New History Series on Squidoo

As I browsed around Squidoo sampling lenses (webpages), I kept finding great history ones. It inspired me to make a series of lensographies to organize these and make them more accessible. To do this, I’m collecting the lenses into groups by decade. Here’s what I’ve completed so far:

What Was Life Like in 1910?

What Was Life Like in the 1920s?

What Was Life Like in the 1930s?

So far, I’ve found topics for each decade that I put under categories like cars and transportation, music and dance, books and authors, movies and entertainment, famous people, politics and events, etc. I’m not quite sure who the audience is for these. Perhaps students will find them and sample the different topics. I think I’ll keep going backwards. The 1940s, 50s and 60s are covered pretty well, so the older decades interest me more.

This gives me the opportunity to feature some of my own lenses on history. I have What’s a Cakewalk? which I included in the 1920s lens. In the 1930s lens, I put my lens on Feedsack Dresses and  Green Living in the 1930s.

What Is a Shivaree? fit under the category of customs for the 1930s. I also put The Old-Fashioned Pie Supper in that category. It is quite a bit of work combing through Squidoo to find the topics and look at each one to see if it is suitable and covers the topic decently. I may not make anymore for the series until I see how the lensrank does over the next month or two. Often it can take four or five months for a lens to get Google’s attention. Maybe if I work on my backlinks here and on List My Five, I can boost them sooner into activity.

UPDATE: The 1920s webpage was honored as Lens of the Day on Squidoo this week. Actually it was featured for three straight days and had over 500 viewings. I guess this means I’ll be making more of these pages on the different decades.

Total 2010 Earnings on eHow

Although I won’t get my December earnings on eHow for another week or so, it’s great to see the final tally posted. December was my best month ever on there, as I earned  $449.41. That brings my earnings for the year on eHow to $3,781.38. I’m pleased with it, since I essentially stopped writing for eHow in February 2010 when they were having publishing issues.  When they announced the end of the Writer’s Compensation Program, I hastily posted a final seven articles.

Even though the WCP was closed, existing articles still earn residuals for the writers. I love residuals. Some writers worried that they would no longer be compensated and removed their articles from the site. I bet they are kicking themselves now. I’ve heard many eHow writers mourn the loss of writing freely on eHow. Most of them go on to say, “I wish I’d written more when I had the chance.  Here’s an example of one of my articles:

That is why I’m taking some time each day to post at least one list on the List My Five site. I have a list streak of 45 days in a row. Not sure how long I can do that without missing a day.

My eHow earnings:

2008     $417

2009      $2500

2010      $3781