Too Many Photos?

My computer has been sluggish and telling me it’s short on memory. I’m blaming it on the 66 GB of photos stored in it. I’ve sorted them into 357 folders and it says there are 37,192 files. I’m assuming each picture counts as a file.

That’s a lot of photos. I admit that I take pictures everywhere I go, sometimes 100 or so in a day. Besides that, I’ve inherited all the photos that were on my mother’s computer. Two of my sisters also gave me digital files of family photos from their computers.

Yes, I have too many photos, but it’s hard work to get rid of some. The family photos must stay, but some are duplicates. In deleting, I first have to find the matching pictures which may not be filed together. Then I have to determine which is the best or the original one. Some have been edited but I’m still reluctant to kill the originals.

Here's the list of folders that I've set up in Microsoft Photo Album.
Here’s the list of folders that I’ve set up in Microsoft Photo Album.

The past few weeks, I’ve worked diligently to drag photos into folders by topic. Previously they were just in hundreds of folders for the date of the photo. Because many had tags or titles, I could find some when I needed them for an article. Sometimes I wasted a lot of time looking for a specific photo that I remembered but had never tagged. Grrr

I’m happier now with the folders by topics. There’s the ancestor folder with subfolders for McGhee, Martin, Vining, Tower, and Joy. There’s the flower folder with subfolders of red flowers, white flowers, etc. I have a folder for wildlife and within that, subfolders for alligators, birds, etc. The bird subfolder has sub-subfolders for cranes, herons, hawks, storks, and a variety birds. I even have a folder just for my Bernie Sanders memes.

I’d thought to offload all the pictures to thumb drives in hopes of unburdening my hard drive. Unfortunately, when I moved the first folder over, I realized that it lost the tags that I’d spent so many hours adding. Sigh, apparently those work only in the Windows Media Album and don’t transport with the photos. That’s not acceptable as I have a lot of genealogy information in the tags on the ancestors.

I’d thought about getting one of these gadgets. My photos already get backed up weekly to an external drive, but the simplicity of this one appeals. It wouldn’t serve for the basic storage need that I have, merely for a safe, easy back-up.

Now I’m trying to think of what else I can remove from the computer. I doubt if the documents really amount to much although they do contain back- ups of all my online articles and in some cases with all the HTML. I took a quick peek, just now, and those only add up to 2 GB so it wouldn’t really make a difference of any significance.

If you’ve organized your photos, please share any tips you learned along the way. I’d really appreciate it.