Thrifty Living – The Martin Way

Growing up during the depression and the 1940s taught Gail and Clyde Martin thrifty ways.  Now Gail shares these ideas with a new generation.  Her articles on eHow give tips for stretching a dollar and reusing many things.  “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without” is an old saying, but Gail and Clyde use that motto to make living on social security workable. 

Writing Challenge on eHow

750795_green_fountain_pen_and_ink_bottleThis time, we’re challenged to write fourteen articles in seven days.  I hesitated to take it on.  That’s a lot of ideas and writing.  Oh well, I’ll give it a try.  I’ll add the article titles as I finish them.  The deadline is February 14.

  1. How to Make Word Graphics to Use with eHow Articles
  2. How to Use Half-Price Candy after a Holiday
  3. How to Ego Surf the Internet
  4. How to Get eHow Earnings Reports in Detail
  5. How to Report Spammers on eHow
  6. How to Keep THINGS from Taking over Your Life
  7. How to Grow and Nurture Yourself through Reading (Women)     Hurrah, I’m halfway to the goal and it’s only February 10th!
  8. How to Make an Easter Basket for a Lady Golfer
  9. How to Play Ready Golf
  10. How to Increase Kitchen Counter Space
  11. How to Hold a Budget Fashion Show for a Women’s Club
  12. How to Make Pasta Salad that’s Super Easy
  13. How to Help Australian Wildlife Injured in Fires
  14. How to Get Remembered When Missing Family Gatherings

I’m finished and it’s one day early.  I hope you have time to sample a few of the articles.

Money Matters … Living Thriftily

 Take care of your money!

I have lots of articles on the eHow site about handling your personal finances or how to do things on a budget or for free.  Here are the links to those:




Learn from the Old-Fashioned Ways

The McGhee family in 1930s Kansas
The McGhee family in 1930s Kansas

My mom has quite a few articles on eHow about thrifty ways of living from her childhood days of the 1930s and during later times of WWII and the 1950s.  Take a look at them and you’ll find tips that apply even today.

How to Raise Good Children the Old-Fashioned Way …How to Use Health Remedies from the Good Old Days …How to Survive a Quarantine the Old-Fashioned WayHow to Recycle the Old-Fashioned Way …How to Conserve Water the Old-Fashioned Way …How to Plant Trees with Limited WaterHow to Have an Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving …How to Have an Old-Fashioned Halloween …How to Decorate Easter Eggs the Old-Fashioned Way …How to Decorate for Christmas the Old-Fashioned Way …How to Camp Out the Old-Fashioned Way …How to Stay Safe from a Rabid Dog the Old-Fashioned Way …

This one was featured as the eHow of the Day on November 25, 2008: How to Save on Heating Bills the Old-Fashioned Way