Links for Planning a Haunted House

My page titled 101 Ideas for Haunted Houses moved recently from Squidoo to Hubpages. New guidelines do not allow more than two links to a single site. That means I had to remove these useful links.

I’m providing them here for anyone planning a haunted house.

List of Halloween Topics by Virginia Allain

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101 Ideas for Haunted Houses

307 113 1,469 week
188 today

2012 Best Baby Halloween Costu…

22,567 4 28 week
2 today

All I Know about Halloween

128,621 13 7 week
0 today

Amelia Earhart Costume

6,368 146 124 week
13 today

Baby Vampire Costumes

33,810 14 55 week
2 today

Barely There Costumes for a Nu…

27,692 69 102 week
20 today

Bloody Weapons for Halloween o…

115,222 11 10 week
0 today

Bloody Wounds Make Up Kits

46,605 11 27 week
1 today

Book Character Costumes: Go Li…

14,687 58 269 week
24 today

Buy a Renaissance Costume

38,112 11 18 week
1 today

Candy Corn Costume

102,828 7 7 week
4 today

Costume Accessories and Props

138,567 3 4 week
1 today

Costumes for Horses for Horse …

501 135 538 week
83 today

Creepy Spider Decorations for …

47,238 14 12 week
0 today

Cute or Sexy Cowgirl Costumes?…

31,168 11 41 week
6 today

Draw Cartoon Ghosts for Hallow…

26,790 35 102 week
16 today

Epic Baby Halloween Costumes

74,783 6 7 week
2 today

Eye Wear for Costumes

101,405 11 14 week
1 today

Fun Halloween Costumes for Cou…

70,417 13 26 week
3 today

Golf Cart Fun: Personalize It,…

17,057 118 140 week
11 today

Good Reads for Young Vampire F…

161,777 13 4 week
0 today

Gothic Fairy Costume

111,666 6 5 week
1 today

Halloween Costumes For Childre…

111,903 1 3 week
0 today

Halloween Drink Recipes

27,730 41 65 week
7 today

Halloween Onesies For Infants

87,965 8 7 week
1 today

Halloween Party Foods

43,473 21 29 week
3 today

Hats for Halloween Costumes

177,089 11 5 week
2 today

Haunted House in Chelsea, Kans…

247,244 5 1 week
0 today

Jack O Lantern Ideas

42,470 17 36 week
0 today

Pilgrim Costume for Halloween …

101,682 10 7 week
0 today

Regency Dress – Jane Austen Co…

13,257 40 69 week
10 today

Saloon Bartender Costume

22,710 9 25 week
2 today

Shoes for Costumes for Adults

134,625 4 3 week
1 today

Spooky Window Posters

5,314 54 91 week
6 today

Steampunk Fairies – Costume Id…

28,789 23 32 week
5 today

Sunflower Costumes for Any Occ…

29,498 24 35 week
4 today

Take a Florida Ghost Tour

219,488 10 1 week
0 today

True Accounts of Hauntings

164,947 13 3 week
0 today

Turn a Graduation Robe into a …

65,462 18 27 week
2 today

Turn a Prom Dress into a Hallo…

18,190 51 116 week
13 today

Vintage Black Cats for Hallowe…

57,087 12 30 week
2 today

Western Gunslinger Costume

27,054 20 37 week
5 today

World of Warcraft Costumes

6,287 83 285 week
33 today

Zombie Costume Ideas for All A…

34,792 11 21 week
2 today

Costumes for Horses

This intrigues people even if they don’t have a horse.

Amplify’d from

Create a Costume for Your Horse and Yourself

Costuming a horse is a pretty big job. Why would you even want to put a costume on a horse? Actually there are many occasions when a creative costume on a horse is appropriate. Perhaps you want to ride the horse in a Halloween parade or participate in a horse show that has a costume category.



Hot Topic from Last Halloween

I was pleased last year with the interest in this product lens for Halloween window posters. This year, with just a minor brushing up, I’m finding it performing well with decent traffic from Google.

It’s an inexpensive item, so the commissions aren’t much but it makes a good impulse buy for people.

Gearing up for Halloween with Squidboo Lenses

Maybe it seems a little early to be thinking of Halloween, but Squidoo lensmasters (webpage makers) are all buzzing about SquidBoo lenses. The thinking is that a webpage needs a little aging, polishing and creating of backlinks before the holiday season. The Get Cracking crew have a challenge going on in August to make thirteen Halloween lenses using the SquidBoo format.

I wasn’t going to attempt it after working so hard on the fifteen lens challenge last month. Daily I see the challenge topic for the SquidBoo lens posted on Facebook. My mind starts churning with ideas, but I tried not to get drawn in as I have a ton of non-Halloween ideas that I want to develop into lenses.

I couldn’t resist, so here are the Squidboo lenses I’ve created in August:

  1. I started off with Fun Halloween Costumes for Couples. Memories of all the great Halloween parties I had came back to me. There was Karen Quinn in her Glenda the Good Witch costume and John in his Munchkin outfit with the big lollipop. Ah, great memories, so why not encourage couples to dress in fun Halloween costumes.
  2. While working on that one, I found some great costumes for book lovers. I pulled these together in a lens called Book Character Costumes: Go Literary for Halloween. It includes Gone with the Wind characters (Rhett and Scarlet) and Prince Charming. There’s more, but I want to hunt down additional  ones like some Jane Austin character costumes. This one falls in the same category as the Costumes for Couples, so doesn’t count towards the challenge. Each challenge lens needs to be in a different Squidoo category.
  3. One category was for foods and recipes, so I combed through Squidoo and made a lensography featuring all the weird cakes and desserts, Halloween drinks and spooky foods that other lensmasters had made. It turned out quite good and should be perfect for anyone looking for Halloween themed foods for a party. It’s called Halloween Party Foods.
  4. While researching the party foods, I ran across some great Zazzle products featuring Halloween drinks. They are perfect for the vampire set or for any Halloween party. Again, this lens won’t count towards the challenge. It’s called Halloween Drink Recipes. I ought to subtitle it “I want to drink your blood,” as most of the drinks have a red color from cranberry juice or other red ingredient.
  5. The one I created for the car category is Halloween Golf Cart Decorations. This one was inspired by my Golf Cart Fun lens. It got some traffic at Mardi Gras time and the 4th of July as I had photos of carts decorated for the holidays.