More Book Promotion Ideas

I ordered some postcards to promote my Mom’s book.  They weren’t that expensive from vistaprint.  Actually the cards were free, and I just paid postage.  It let me put a photo of the book on the postcard and some text.  On the reverse, I put the book’s description.

My Flint Hills Childhood postcard

The plan is to send the postcards out to museums and libraries in Kansas.  I know librarians like to have a piece of paper to trigger their book ordering.  At least, I always did.

Memory Writing Assignment

Here’s some things to trigger memories for writing about your family:

  • Did your family have a favorite cautionary tale to warn you of bad behavior?
  • How about stories of family characters?  Any real oddballs in the family? 
  • Who was the one that the family held up as an example (good or bad)?
  • What did the family discuss around the dinner table?  Describe a typical mealtime at your home.
  • Did your family ever say, “Why can’t you be more like ——-”  How did you react to that?
  • Who do you think you patterned yourself after in your family?

For my summer writing group, write about some of the above memory triggers as they apply to your own life and family.  This is for the Thursday,  August 6 session.  See you there.

Writing family memories
Writing family memories