How Many Octogenarian Lensmasters Are There on Squidoo?

My mom, Gail Lee Martin, has been a writer all her life. It wasn’t until her 60s and 70s that she really hit her stride; teaching classes in writing family memories for the Shepherd Center in Wichita and posting her essays on the Our Echo website. She wrote over 100 articles for the eHow website too.

At 85, her first book was published, a joint effort with me as the editor and page layout person. It was her memories from childhood, My Flint Hills Childhood: Growing Up in 1930s Kansas. The next year, we collaborated on a book about her husband’s life, Clyde Owen Martin: Family Memories of His Life and Times.

In the meantime, the eHow web site changed its policies so they no longer paid residuals. Mom removed all her articles from the site. Slowly, I’ve been converting them into lenses for her. Her lensmaster’s name is Gail-Lee-Martin on Squidoo.

So far, her most popular lenses are ones about crafts. You can repurpose blue jeans into School Locker Pockets Made from Blue Jeans or make a Lightbulb Santa and Other Lightbulb Ornaments. Her number one lens in popularity is Crafts from Rags or Yarn.

Some of her topics are based on her many years of experience, like Gift Giving on a Social Security Budget or Fall Prevention for the Elderly . She enjoys reading the comments on her Squidoo lenses. So far, traffic has been light, but that’s to be expected at first when you aren’t boosting them with social media.

Here’s a photo of Mom from April 2012.