LEGOs, Lots of LEGOs

I knew LEGOs were popular with boys, but didn’t realize how huge their fan base was. Recently a LEGO Land opened in Winter Haven, Florida, near us. How can it compete with the Disney parks just up the road in Kissimmee, I wondered. I totally underestimated the lure of LEGOs. LEGO Land is drawing crowds of LEGO lovers.

I kept hearing from my sister about how much her grandson loved creating things with LEGOs. Finally I decided to join the fun. No, I haven’t put together any LEGO masterpieces yet, but I have acquired some LEGO web sites to add to my collection of shopping pages on Squidoo.

Even grown ups love them. I was reading the reviews on this Taj Mahol set made by LEGO. Lots of adults are enjoying the challenge of assembling this 6,000 piece architectural piece. Check out the picture of that at the end.

Need some Christmas ideas for a child or grown up? Check out the links below and find the LEGO set that will make the holiday extra special this year. Here they are:

LEGO Star WarsLEGO Star Wars
For all you Star Wars fans here is a great collect of LEGO Star Wars that you can order right from this lens. These make great gifts for anyone young or old …

LEGO Super HeroesLEGO Super Heroes
Are you ready to build a city for all your Super Hero Crime fighers? Now you can with the LEGO Super Hero Sets. This lens has all the LEGO sets that you will…

Legos Monster FightersLegos Monster Fighters
Are you ready to put together some monsters. Does the LEGO fans in your home have the LEGO Monster Set, if not you can find all the LEGO Monster on this lens…

Rare and Hard to Find LEGOsRare and Hard to Find LEGOs
There are many LEGO sets that were so popular, they’re now hard to find on store shelves. You can still find them online, and LEGO enthusiasts scoop them up …

LEGO For Boys 14 and UpLEGO For Boys 14 and Up
Are you looking for some of the more advance LEGO sets for your son or daughter. Then you have come to the right place. This lens has some of the top LEGO se…

LEGO FriendsLEGO Friends
The LEGO playsets are great for any young girl on your Christmas list or for any reason at all. She
could start with one set and keep adding to it until she …

LEGO Creator Taj Mahal 10189CHECK PRICE

Updating Purchased Squidoo Lenses

After buying a huge bundle of web pages (192, to be exact), I’ve been struggling to freshen them up in a timely manner.

Why the sense of urgency? Hey, folks, it’s almost Christmas.. the biggest shopping time of the year. Almost all these lenses are sales pages, so the most urgent action is to scan through all of them and replace the original owner’s Amazon affiliate code with my own. If I don’t, I may own the lenses, but he’s getting the sales.

My problem is while I’m searching for the affiliate codes, I get distracted and start adding related lenses to the introduction, replacing photos that need crediting, and other basics. Then I spot an out-of-stock product and search around Amazon to replace it. I add the three side widgets and look for pertinent products to go there.

I like to add speed bumps to a lens, modules that slow down a visitor who might just scan quickly and leave. What I use are polls which require interaction, talk bubbles and sticky notes. They add visual variety to a page filled with Amazon products for sale. Using the standard Amazon module, I set it to thumbnail to give a horizontal section. Again, this is to stop the overly quick down-the-page scan.

Lastly I check over the tags and remove ones that don’t fit well (don’t want Google to think I’m stuffing the keywords). I look for overuse of the keyword phrase in the introduction and replace some of them with related, alternate wordings. It sounds more natural and you pick up traffic that searches the related key words. I also replace generic module titles like “Top XYZ for Kids” and put the actual product name.

Needless to say, this takes awhile to do on each lens. I’ve completed the first 50 updates, and only 142 to go. Later on, I’ll need to go in and add more personalization to each lens, but no time for that right now.

For my complete tips on Making Money Buying Squidoo Lenses, I’ve put them together on one page.