Portraits in Fabric

I happened to catch an exhibit at the Springvale Public Library in Maine of quilted, collage work.  The artist lives in Kennebunkport and she used old photos of family and friends in the quilted pieces.  She transferred the photo to fabric, then assembled pieces around it and added beads, vintage lace and other odds and ends to complement the photo.  Simply beautiful.collage quilt piece

The people featured in the miniature quilts are local to Southern Maine and part of the Franco-American community in this area.  My husband recognized some of the names from growing up in the area.

Yvette Therrien Demko 1951

The artist’s name is Claire Unsinn of Kennebunk, Maine. Her maiden name was Bergeron and she grew up in Springvale in the 1950s and 1960s.


Another Writing Challenge at eHow

This challenge requires twelve articles written between January 25 and January 31.  That’s seven days, so here’s my effort to meet the challenge.  I’ll add the articles to the list below as I finish them.

  1. How to Stop Biting My Nails
  2. How to Stop Bitching
  3. How to Tend the Flag in Golf
  4. How to Raise Money with a Friends of the Library Group
  5. How to Help a Library with a Friends of the Library Group
  6. How to Make Taco Salad the Easy Way
  7. How to Decide If Cataract Surgery Is for You
  8. How to Find Nationality of Last Names
  9. How to Make Library Book Displays for December
  10. How to Make Valentines from Altered Cards
  11. How to Use Walla Properly
  12. How to Make a Grandmother Happy

Wow, I’m done and it’s two days ahead of the deadline.  That was good practice, as I think the next challenge will be 13 articles in 7 days.  If you sample any of the articles, leave me a comment to let me know what you think.

Working on the Challenge

The eHow site posted a challenge to write ten articles in seven days.  The deadline is midnight, January 17.  I’m starting with 292 articles, so my goal is to reach 302.  I’ll add updates as I get the articles written.

  1. How to Take Photos at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  2. How to Vent about Poor Service or Faulty Products
  3. How to Decorate a Valentine Tree
  4. How to Make a Valentine Craft Kit for Children
  5. How to Collect Vintage Spice Tins
  6. How to Make Library Book Displays for October
  7. How to Get to Work on Time
  8. How to Improve Signs in a Business or Nonprofit on a Shoestring
  9. How to Make Gravy for Pot Roast
  10. How to Get Bright Ideas in the Workplace

I’m finished with the ten articles.  Yah!  I met the deadline (actually I’m two days early).

Christmas Winding Down… Shifting My Writing Gears

Most of the Christmas rush is over.  Gifts bought, wrapped, mailed, unwrapped, returned, etc.  Food bought, prepared and eaten.  Cards sent and received. 

I’m trying to get maximum enjoyment out of the Christmas trees and decorations before having to put them away.  Surely I can keep them up until January 1st at least.  Somehow the dread of boxing all the decorations hangs over my head at this time.  Putting them up was a lot more fun.

Of course, all those eHow articles I wrote about Christmas topics will languish for the next eleven months.  No one wants to know How to Decorate a Golf Cart for Christmas or How to Start a Holiday Ornament Tradition in April. 

So I’m on to other topics.  My current enthusiasm is writing up ideas for library book displays.  I covering it month-by-month, so there’s twelve articles to write for a start.  Maybe I should dredge through my old papers and find other library topics to write.  I doubt that there’s much of an audience for those, but might as well share my knowledge before it gets totally crowded out of my mind.    Here’s the first one: How to Make Library Book Displays for January.

I Love Books and Libraries

Dad - reading an old favorite
Dad - reading an old favorite

I made a good career choice when I picked librarianship.  It kept me fascinated for 30 years.  All aspects of library work from children’s librarian to reference librarian, middle management to library director, offered new challenges and rewards.

Even though I’m retired, I still “brake for libraries.”  There’s some irrisistable draw to an old Carnegie library building filled with books.  Our whole family loves to read.  Here are my articles on books, reading and libraries:

My family has a number of articles about their love of reading.  Take a look at these:

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