Costumes for Horses

This intrigues people even if they don’t have a horse.

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Create a Costume for Your Horse and Yourself

Costuming a horse is a pretty big job. Why would you even want to put a costume on a horse? Actually there are many occasions when a creative costume on a horse is appropriate. Perhaps you want to ride the horse in a Halloween parade or participate in a horse show that has a costume category.




Pull out That Prom Dress or Bridesmaid Dress

Turn it into a costume for Halloween or for a fancy dress party. My article gives ideas like the one below to get you started.

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Zombie Wedding card

Make a Zombie Bride Costume from a Wedding Gown or Prom Dress


Check for an inexpensive or shabby wedding gown at Goodwill to repurpose for this costume, as you probably won’t want to distress your own wedding gown for it. Get some make-up and gory looking accessories (like the detached arm of the groom).