Writing Challenge on eHow

750795_green_fountain_pen_and_ink_bottleThis time, we’re challenged to write fourteen articles in seven days.  I hesitated to take it on.  That’s a lot of ideas and writing.  Oh well, I’ll give it a try.  I’ll add the article titles as I finish them.  The deadline is February 14.

  1. How to Make Word Graphics to Use with eHow Articles
  2. How to Use Half-Price Candy after a Holiday
  3. How to Ego Surf the Internet
  4. How to Get eHow Earnings Reports in Detail
  5. How to Report Spammers on eHow
  6. How to Keep THINGS from Taking over Your Life
  7. How to Grow and Nurture Yourself through Reading (Women)     Hurrah, I’m halfway to the goal and it’s only February 10th!
  8. How to Make an Easter Basket for a Lady Golfer
  9. How to Play Ready Golf
  10. How to Increase Kitchen Counter Space
  11. How to Hold a Budget Fashion Show for a Women’s Club
  12. How to Make Pasta Salad that’s Super Easy
  13. How to Help Australian Wildlife Injured in Fires
  14. How to Get Remembered When Missing Family Gatherings

I’m finished and it’s one day early.  I hope you have time to sample a few of the articles.


Another Writing Challenge at eHow

This challenge requires twelve articles written between January 25 and January 31.  That’s seven days, so here’s my effort to meet the challenge.  I’ll add the articles to the list below as I finish them.

  1. How to Stop Biting My Nails
  2. How to Stop Bitching
  3. How to Tend the Flag in Golf
  4. How to Raise Money with a Friends of the Library Group
  5. How to Help a Library with a Friends of the Library Group
  6. How to Make Taco Salad the Easy Way
  7. How to Decide If Cataract Surgery Is for You
  8. How to Find Nationality of Last Names
  9. How to Make Library Book Displays for December
  10. How to Make Valentines from Altered Cards
  11. How to Use Walla Properly
  12. How to Make a Grandmother Happy

Wow, I’m done and it’s two days ahead of the deadline.  That was good practice, as I think the next challenge will be 13 articles in 7 days.  If you sample any of the articles, leave me a comment to let me know what you think.

Chill in Florida

My impatients look a little nipped this morning after 30 degree temperatures last night.  I’d hastily bunched some of the patio plants together and thrown a sheet over them, but left a few with heavier pots in place unprotected.  It looks like they will survive with just a little die-back.

It’s expected to be equally cold tonight.  It hasn’t been very warm even today, just barely reaching 51 degrees.  My fingers are cold as I sit here typing.  We get spoiled, here in the Orlando area, with winter temperatures usually in the 70s.  By Friday, it will warm back up.  I’m looking forward to it.

We cancelled our tee time for golf today.  It’s not much fun playing when it’s really cold.  I have an article about playing golf in cold weather, in case you ever have to do that.

January 22 – Well, a few things that I didn’t protect well enough froze.  I’ll have to replace a thriving banana plant and  a poinsettia.  If I hadn’t covered them with sheets, I think all the patio plants would be gone.  Warmer weather is expected tomorrow, thank goodness.

Sort of an Award for Golf

After a summer where I played little golf, my game was a bit rusty this fall.  Today I got an award, sort of, for being the second most-improved-golfer for the month of January.  Since my handicap had run amok in October, November and December, it was about time my game started shaping up.

Anyway, I won $15 in free practice balls at the practice range.  Maybe my game will improve even more.

Five Deer on the Golf Course

We drove up to the number one tee area on the Oaks course at Solivita today.  Five deer were browsing on the new grass.  They didn’t seem alarmed at our being there in the golf cart, so I snapped some photos.  There were two fawns with white spots on their backs and three that I think were does, at least they didn’t have antlers.

White tailed deer
White tailed deer

I put all the photos that I took of them onto my Webshots site in the Florida – Nature album.  What a treat it was to see them so close.  We’ve seen two deer the last few times we played golf, but this time there were five!

What I Know About Golf

Now that I’m retired, we’re playing golf three or four times a week.  It’s great being outside, seeing all the wildlife, getting fresh air, and occasionally getting a good shot that keeps me coming back to this difficult game.  Here’s what I know about golf: