Why Some Voters Drop Out

Here’s my rant after the results came in for Super Tuesday on March 3, 2020. The media and the DNC went all out to reshape the Democratic race after Bernie Sanders won the first three states. That a Democratic Socialist might win with his ideas that didn’t fit the Democratic National Committee’s corporate scenario scared the party insiders greatly. Here was someone that the little people wanted, not someone that would make corporate donors happy. A populist, Oh No!

bernie brings new voters independents, non voters to democrats

The media appeared to have had some coaching to present a unified front boosting Biden and knocking Sanders. Then candidates who had worked so hard and raised so much money, and had a chance to pick up delegates in Super Tuesday abruptly withdrew from the race and endorsed Biden. No one pressured Warren to drop out as it suited the party to have her still in the race siphoning off progressive votes from Sanders.

The timing worked perfectly for this coup to make voters think that Biden was the anointed savior of the Democratic Party. After winning a single state, the media went into full Biden promotion the day before the voters went to the polls in 14 states. 

Biden picked up a lot of delegates the next day when just a week before, his campaign was barely breathing.  


My Thoughts on Why Some Voters Give Up on Voting

The suburban and upper-middle-class voters who are reasonably comfortable are voting for the status quo and to hell with the poor and the struggling working class who need healthcare and a better wage to survive. Unfortunately, many of those struggling citizens will sink back into apathy and the daily drudgery that their lives consist of. Many of these were fighting to get Bernie into office, but now they will go back to wondering if they can afford food for their kids this week and if their car will hold up so they can get to their 2nd part-time job.

Later, when they don’t bother to show up for the general election, the DNC will blame Bernie. They give up on politics when they realize that those in Congress and the White House don’t even realize they’re are on the planet. If those in office do acknowledge them, they blame you for not pulling yourself up by your bootstraps (when they can’t afford boots to start with). The Democratic Party bosses don’t give a hoot about those people as they don’t have the money to hire a lobbyist and won’t be sending big bucks to the DNC. 

After Super Tuesday, my heart sinks just like it did when I realized that the DNC wasn’t going to let the people elect who they really wanted in 2016. They are doing it again. I don’t know why we bother with primary elections when the party elites prefer to meet in a back room and select their candidate without all the bother of consulting the people.

bernie save america


3 thoughts on “Why Some Voters Drop Out

  1. shapcomp18 March 5, 2020 / 2:15 am

    Ginger, I know how disappointed you are, and I know how much you love Bernie. But I never have felt comfortable with him for many, many reasons. I don’t like his demeanor; I don’t like many of his politics. And I don’t like his stance on Israel. This week, he called Ilhan Omar, who is regarded by many Jews as an virile anti-Semite, “one of the greatest people I know.” That quote alone would possibly result in many Jewish Democrats to drop out. In discussions in the past two weeks, many of my friends said they were very concerned that Trump would beat Bernie as Bernie will be destroyed because he will be branded as a Socialist, not a Democrat or Progressive. (One of my closest friend is a lifelong Democrat and the daughter of the former governor of Vermont (the first Democrat in 100 years), and she had no use for him as well) And even my Republican friends who hate Trump have said that they could support Biden but not Bernie.

    Bernie did not support Hillary in 2016. I understand that people felt that she had stolen the nomination, but if Bernie had done more to encourage his supporters to get behind her, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are now with the worst president in our history destroying our democracy. I just hope that those that support Bernie will support whoever is the Democratic candidate. I don’t love Biden, but we must defeat Trump.

    Hope you don’t mind my response. I know you have many reasons to like Sanders, but I know you agree with me that we must remove this train wreck from office. If Biden and Amy OR Kamela as VP can do it, let’s move forward. Marilyn Shapiro http://www.theregoesmyheart.me “One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.” John F. Kennedy

    • Virginia Allain March 5, 2020 / 4:46 am

      Marilyn, thanks for your input. Be aware that Bernie held more rallies in support of Hillary than she did for Obama. Bernie is not the cause of Hillary losing. Bernie brought many non-voters in for the first time in 2016, but when they realized that the party did not care about their needs, they melted away. It showed that the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton hugely misread the mood of the electorate. That (and Republican smears over the years of Hillary and Russian interference and Comey’s ill-timed announcement) and the fact that she did not campaign in several crucial states cost her the election.
      As for Biden vs Trump or Bernie vs Trump, the polls show Bernie is the stronger candidate.

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