Connect with Local Berners


Here’s a great idea to help people who feel isolated and want to connect to other Bernie supporters. Even if you live in a deep red area and think you are all alone, be assured there are others like you who also feel alone.

Create a Local Bernie Sanders Group on Facebook

Linda Jones shared her idea in the Boomers for Bernie Sanders 2020 group on Facebook. It was enthusiastically received by group members.

Here’s a fun idea. Create a Bernie Sanders group for your town! Many of us are isolated in conservative areas where we don’t have a single Berner friend in real life. But I promise you, they’re out there. Take a leap. I just created a page this morning—it took 5 minutes.

With any luck, by this time next week I could be having a cup of coffee with a few new Bernie friends. Think how exciting that will be!

Getting Started

Some people wanted to do this for the community where they lived but were unsure how to set up a Facebook group. Here are several screenshots to get you started. Look around for a button that says CREATE GROUP and click on that.

It’s important to choose “group” and not “page.” Being a group gives you better interactive capability.
create facebook group

That will bring up a screen where you make some choices about your group. Name your group something like Smalltown for Bernie or Berners of XYZ County. Add a name or two to get started. Decide on public, closed, or private. I prefer public for a start so people can find it but maybe switch to closed later so the posts are viewed by anyone not in the group.

facebook create a group

  • Write a short description of the group’s purpose. It can be something like this: “Join this group if you support Bernie and are a full-time or part-time resident of XYZ town.”
  • Add a photo of your town or of Bernie. There are lots of great memes on Facebook.

bernie leader next generation

Set up a question or two for those requesting to join the group to answer. They can be simple, like “Do you live in XYZ town?” and “Tell me one thing you like about Bernie Sanders.”

Post a few good news stories about Bernie and once you have some people join, welcome them and get acquainted.

After you’ve created your group, every day you should pick your favorite post from one of the many Bernie groups, and share it with your group. If the post is already a share, click through to the original post and share that.

I can make that part easy for you. I have a Facebook group which is a newsfeed for Good News about Bernie. I belong to umpteen groups and track down articles to share. It’s not a discussion group, just a sharing of positive links.
Here are some examples of local Bernie groups to give you an idea. Don’t join a group unless you are actually a resident. The whole point is to connect with others locally.

Stars and Stripes

The 4th of July is Wednesday and I’ve heard people saying that they don’t feel very patriotic this year.  I pondered this, as the thought of enjoying a fireworks display or preparing a festive summer picnic doesn’t seem like an appropriate celebration of America’s birthday when there are children in cages.

mexican child in cage fireworks

Then I thought, I’m not letting conservatives annex the holiday with their nationalistic “America First” and then use it to shame the rest of us because we don’t have a flag in our yard.

I put my red, white, and blue bunting on the back deck railing and put out a patriotic-themed garden flag. My front flower bed is decked with a stars and stripes pinwheel spinning merrily in the wind.

As I placed these in our yard, I thought of my colonial ancestors who struggled for American independence. I thought of the many nationalities that melded together on my family tree to produce me. That diverse ancestry is something I take pride in.

I need a flag with the message below on it. Then no one will mistake my patriotic display for support of the dictator-wannabe who is trying to dismantle our system of checks and balances and undermine the Constitution.

I could place it below the row of flag pennants fluttering from the porch railing.

My heart is heavy for the state of our country and for the racism that has bubbled to the surface. Perhaps it is good to know how we really stand and who we can rely on to march shoulder-to-shoulder with us for justice and equality for all.