Writing Challenge on eHow

750795_green_fountain_pen_and_ink_bottleThis time, we’re challenged to write fourteen articles in seven days.  I hesitated to take it on.  That’s a lot of ideas and writing.  Oh well, I’ll give it a try.  I’ll add the article titles as I finish them.  The deadline is February 14.

  1. How to Make Word Graphics to Use with eHow Articles
  2. How to Use Half-Price Candy after a Holiday
  3. How to Ego Surf the Internet
  4. How to Get eHow Earnings Reports in Detail
  5. How to Report Spammers on eHow
  6. How to Keep THINGS from Taking over Your Life
  7. How to Grow and Nurture Yourself through Reading (Women)     Hurrah, I’m halfway to the goal and it’s only February 10th!
  8. How to Make an Easter Basket for a Lady Golfer
  9. How to Play Ready Golf
  10. How to Increase Kitchen Counter Space
  11. How to Hold a Budget Fashion Show for a Women’s Club
  12. How to Make Pasta Salad that’s Super Easy
  13. How to Help Australian Wildlife Injured in Fires
  14. How to Get Remembered When Missing Family Gatherings

I’m finished and it’s one day early.  I hope you have time to sample a few of the articles.

Working on the Challenge

The eHow site posted a challenge to write ten articles in seven days.  The deadline is midnight, January 17.  I’m starting with 292 articles, so my goal is to reach 302.  I’ll add updates as I get the articles written.

  1. How to Take Photos at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  2. How to Vent about Poor Service or Faulty Products
  3. How to Decorate a Valentine Tree
  4. How to Make a Valentine Craft Kit for Children
  5. How to Collect Vintage Spice Tins
  6. How to Make Library Book Displays for October
  7. How to Get to Work on Time
  8. How to Improve Signs in a Business or Nonprofit on a Shoestring
  9. How to Make Gravy for Pot Roast
  10. How to Get Bright Ideas in the Workplace

I’m finished with the ten articles.  Yah!  I met the deadline (actually I’m two days early).

More Christmas Crafts and Ideas

Christmas star
Christmas star

My mom and I are as busy as Santa’s elves writing down our Christmas crafts, recipes and ideas.  Share in our holiday fun with How to Make Fan Ornaments for Christmas …How to Make Christmas Bookmarks …How to Make a Star Ornament from a Paper Bag …How to Decorate a Golf Cart for Christmas …How to Fly Without Problems During the Holidays …How to Make Snow Flakes Online …How to Make Clothespin Reindeer Ornaments …How to Make a Snowman from a Brick …How to Make a Candy Cane Reindeer …How to Make Sugared Nuts from Black Walnuts or Pecans .

It’s not too late to make a batch of sugared nuts to give as gifts or just have around for a tasty treat.

Writing Challenge

This week I’m participating in a writing challenge at the eHow website.  A number of the regulars there signed up to write 20 articles each.  We have a week to write the 20 articles.  I’ll post links to mine here, so you can see how I’m progressing.

Sunday, November 16

How to Make an Outdoor Party RoomHow to Find Flowers to PhotographHow to Cook a Pot Roast as Good as Mom’s

Monday, November 17

How to Cope with Reading AddictionHow to Find Support Groups for Children Taking Care of Elderly ParentsHow to Replace an RV Mattresses (these last two were requested topics at eHow)

Tuesday, November 18

How to Photograph Alligators on a Florida VacationHow to Avoid Problems with Teeth Whitening ProductsHow to Make American Chop Suey the New England Way

Wednesday, November 19

How to Pick Blueberries at a Pick-Your-Own FarmHow to Sign a Dog up for READing Paws   …How to Make a Craft Work Area in a Small Space

Thursday, November 20 

How to Take Animal Kingdom Photos That You’ll Love   Only had time for one article after spending the afternoon at Disney.  Now I’ll have to squeeze out 2 extra articles over the next 2 days.

Friday, November 21

How to Start a Holiday Ornament Tradition …How to Take a Day Trip on the Casco Bay Ferry

Saturday, November 22  (last day of the challenge and I need to write six articles to meet the goal)

How to Change Your Thinking about Spending …How to Have a “Little House on the Prairie” Christmas …How to Decorate for Fall or Thanksgiving …How to Take Photos at Epcot 

That’s it folks, I’m one article short of my goal, but eHow is going through a shakedown period after rolling out new features on the site.  Trying to get the articles posted without losing parts of them is too frustrating.  Hopefully they will have all the bugs worked out soon.

Getting Ready for Christmas

Sure I wish the stores wouldn’t start playing Christmas music before Veteran’s Day, but it isn’t too early to start making Christmas gifts and working on holiday related crafts. 

Here are my articles on the topic of Christmas and holiday crafting:   How to Make a Pine Cone Pixie Christmas OrnamentHow to Have a Homemade Christmas  …How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with BasketsHow to Keep a Seasonal Decorating NotebookHow to Decorate a Christmas Tree Without StressHow to Decorate a Christmas Tree with SeashellsHow to Make Gift Bows from Scraps of PaperHow to Decorate a Christmas Tree on a BudgetHow to Wrap Gifts for FreeHow to Make a Fan from a Pleated Window ShadeHow to Turn Old Candles into New Ones

A pom-pom candy caneMom’s articles:  How to Sell Nuts for Extra Holiday IncomeHow to Make Sugared Nuts from Black Walnuts or PecansHow to Make Candied Nut ClustersHow to Trigger December Memories for WritingHow to Make a Pom-pom Candy Cane for a Door or Wall DecorationHow to Make a Santa Ornament from a Light BulbHow to Decorate for Christmas the Old-Fashioned Way

Cooking with Gail & Clyde Martin

For many years, my mom and dad canned foods from their garden, made jellies and krauts, and developed a variety of down-home foods.  Check out the recipes that they have online at:

How to Make Turnip SlawHow to Make Potato Cakes Like Grandma’sHow to Bake Beef Tongue and DressingHow to Make Giblet GravyHow to Make Salmon PattiesHow to Make No-Bake CookiesHow to Eat Well Using Nature’s BountyHow to Make Swiss SteakHow to Make Breaded TomatoesHow to Make Meat Loaf in a JarHow to Roast Pumpkin Seeds for a Fall TreatHow to Make Baked Pineapple, an Old-Fashioned Dessert RecipeHow to Make Molasses TaffyHow to Make Rose Hip Extract for Tea or for Jelly MakingHow to Make Faux Apple Spice Rings from CucumbersHow to Make Dandelion JellyHow to Use a Bushel of ApplesHow to Hull Black WalnutsHow to Make Walnut Valley Festival Baked BeansHow to Make Corn Cob JellyHow to Make Turnip Kraut

My Cooking Articles

I’ve never considered myself much of a cook, but now I find that I’ve gradually developed a repetoire of tasty meals.  I guess, by age 59, I should have learned something about making food.  Here are the links to my step-by-step recipes.

How to Make Very Vegetarian Pasta Sauce

How to Turn Canned Soup into a Gourmet Experience

How to Make Chicken and Noodles the Easy Way

How to Make Brown Sugar-Cinnamon Butter for Sweet Potatoes

How to Make Strawberry Rhubarb Sauce

How to Make Bread Pudding in the Microwave

How to Make a Chocolate Banana Shake That’s Heart-Healthy

How to Serve Tomato Slices with a Gourmet Touch

How to Blend a Cocoa Mix with Cappuccino and Vanilla Soy

How to Make a Root Beer Float That’s Fat Free