If I Were President

A second cousin chastised me on Facebook for not respecting the president. “Ok 👌🏼 I get your message “you” don’t like The President, just remember all was NOT peaches & cream before he was elected. Term limits on Congress would be a STEP in the right direction and do remember that “we the people” elected him, NOT the press.
By the way, could YOU do a better job?🦋🎶” (she added the emoji to soften the complaint against a family member)

trump national embarrassment

My reply was, “Yes, I could do better. I would get advisers who were not white supremacists and a cabinet with real qualifications, not just wealthy yes-men out to line their own pockets.”

I thanked her for her input. “Dear, Cousin, you’ve given me a good topic for my blog. Thanks. Friends, please tell me in what ways you would be a good president?”

My friend Elaine gave her input on what a good president needs to be, “No President will ever do a 100% good job. However, this President has no humanity. You could not say that about the last one.

Heck, you could not say that about any President that I remember. Well, apart from Nixon. It does not matter whether you are Republican or Democrat or anything in between. Humanity is crucial and for someone so powerful to lack it is scary for the world.”

Then in the fast-moving ways of Facebook, the question was lost in the welter of current posts. No one else answered my query. Perhaps they didn’t have an opinion or perhaps they are just weary of the constant barrage of bad news about this administration. The other possibility is they’ve learned the futility of arguing with a supporter of the president.

The American System Is Under Attack

Many times on Facebook, the discussion is rancorous and fragmented. I found an insightful post by Jeff Prusi in the group, The Talk on Main Street. He gave me permission to share it here.

Jeff Prusi wrote,

It is not just this president or just this administration, it is the Republican party in general. They built Trump. Brick by brick. Stone by stone. Policy by policy. They enable him to this day. They aid and abet his criminal activities day by day. He and way too many of them attack our institutions every day.

  • Our education system is under attack.
  • Freedom of the press is under attack.
  • An independent judiciary is under attack.
  • Our National Intelligence and Security Agencies are under attack.
  • The independence of our Department of Justice is under attack.
  • Our national electoral process is under attack and this administration and this Republican-controlled Congress do nothing except attack those who are trying to find out the truth and fix the problem.

The only thing #45IsIllegitimate had right during the campaign (and since) is that the election was “rigged”. It WAS rigged, just not as he implied. Extreme gerrymandering, voter suppression laws, and Crosscheck Purging, if YOUR party has to use these unAmerican tactics what does it say about YOUR party and their agenda? If YOU support these unAmerican tactics what does it say about YOU.

Today’s Republican Party has become the party of lies, fear, and hate. Today’s Republican Party is ‘A Clear and Present Danger’ to our country and our way of life. Period.”

What Can You Do? Let’s Take Action!

Join your local Indivisible group and/or sign up with SwingLeft. Just put in your zip code and it will give you information about activities you can participate in to make a difference.

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