More Memory Triggers – Your Young Adult Years

I recommend a book by Patricia Ann Case called How to Write Your Autobiography: Preserving Your Family Heritage. In it she poses questions to trigger your writing. They are arranged and grouped in a logical way, so you can progress through your life memories and get them onto paper. You don’t write in the book, but she suggests numbering your pages as you write to keep it in sequence.

For the young adult years, she asks questions like these:

  • Whey you reached your young adult years, did you see changes in your family’s way of life from the time when you were little?
  • How did those changes affect the family?
  • Were there modern conveniences added by your family by this time?
  • What trends did you see like people moving to the cities or away from the cities or other influences?

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Writing Prompt – The First Time

This topic lets you choose from a varied range of memories. Choose one and write at least a page about how you felt on that occasion.  Aim for being specific, not abstract. Think about what you observed, what the surroundings were, what other people were there and describe these things.

Here are some topics to choose from (or come up with your own):

  • 1st day of school
  • 1st job
  • 1st kiss
  • 1st time driving a car
  • 1st time living alone
  • 1st child

Thanks to Exploring Our Lives: A Writing Handbook for Senior Adults by Francis E. Kazemek for the ideas here.