The Power of Pinterest

Squidoo selected my web page Pinterest Tips for Squidoo Lensmasters for Lens of the Day on January 25, 2012. It received over 1000 visits, so obviously Pinterest is hot, hot, hot. Many commented that they loved Pinterest, a few growled about copyright and others asked for an invite.

Now I have the huge task of responding to all those comments. I’m not complaining, as the visits, angel blessings, LIKES, and voting in the polls propelled the lens right up to a rank of 10 on the following day. The sad part is the lens is less than a month old, so it could be ranked number 1 on Squidoo and it still won’t receive tier one payout for January.

Now if the ranking stays between 1 and 2000 for February, then LOTD will pay off around $50. That would be lovely.

Getting all the comments on that special day is a gift. There were questions and suggestions and tips. These will end up in a module soon on the page so they won’t be buried in the guestbook. Lots to do, so I’d better get to work on it.

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What Happens After Lens-of-the-Day?

On December 7th, Squidoo featured my page What Were You Doing During Great Moments in Recent History as Lens of the Day. It received awesome traffic and comments on that day and some angel blessings. I had hopes that it might stay in tier one for the whole month of December and earn $40 or $50 from the tier payouts.

Alas, it was not to be. Many product lenses zoom to the top during the Christmas shopping frenzy and squeeze other lenses into the lower ranks. Traffic dropped quickly once my lens was no longer featured. It ended up at 31,000 for the month of December which puts it solidly in tier three. Maybe it will earn $5 for December and again in January if it can remain in tier three.

Well, that certainly is an improvement over the $1.86 it earned for the first 14 months of its existence. The chart below shows the date/rank/number of visits.

November 2011 100,621 38
December 2011 31,019 622
January 2012 61,666 50