Payday for Squidoo, eHow and List My 5

It’s always exciting to see payday come around for the various online sites where I write. With eHow, you see the amount going up day-by-day, so it’s not really a surprise but it’s always sweet to see the final amount deposited into Paypal. Since I no longer write for eHow, it is all residual income from the 488 articles that I wrote for the site over a two-year period.   The November payout was $353.29.

With List My 5, I’m only on my third month there so haven’t reached minimum payout yet.  I have 60 lists posted to the site and the earnings are still in the pennies stage. So far, I’ve accumulated about $5, so it may take another month or two to reach the $10 payout. Why keep writing for such a pittance, you might ask. I remember that with eHow, it started out slowly and I didn’t make payout for several months.   My first month on eHow (February 2008), my articles earned $1.74.  It takes time for Internet content to “age” and build up an audience. The search engines, ranking of the site, and backlinks factor into this. Anyway, as time passes, the magic of the Internet happens and more and more people view what I’ve written and it starts to make money for me.  With List My Five, the site is new and it will take awhile, but I’m hopeful it will become a good earner over time. In the meantime, it’s fun to make the lists and post them there.

My big excitement this month was Squidoo payday. That happens around the 15th of the month. The site buzzed with lensmasters anticipating good returns for traffic in October, November and December. Today, the 15th of December was payday for sales and traffic on the lenses (webpages) in October. Total earnings = $395.64! What is even more exciting is from all indications, my November and December earnings should be even better. I’ll know for sure when those paydays come around in mid-January and February.  What I like about this, is I’ve been seriously making lenses since September 2009. The first holiday season on the site wasn’t that exciting for me, as I focused on making webpages on family topics. These were personally satisfying, but not lucrative.

Total it up from Squidoo and eHow, and I made $748 this month. Quite nice. Can you make money writing online? The answer is YES.

My eHow articles

My List My Five lists and my article on writing for List My Five.

My Squidoo webpages and the monthly postings of my Squidoo Payday earnings.

Dollar Sign bag
Dollar Sign by trendyteeshirts
Soon I’ll need a bag like this one from Zazzle to carry all my earnings in….


Trying out a New Writing Site: List My Five

Lots of my old writing buddies from eHow are trying out the site List My Five. Many of them felt rather lost after eHow forced them over to Demand Studios to publish their how-to articles. They didn’t like the restrictions on topics and the editorial meddling.

I’d encouraged them to try Squidoo which was working out great for me. I don’t know if they were daunted by learning the module system on Squidoo or what, but few seem willing to try it. That’s why I started my Squidoo lens about my earnings on Squidoo so they could see how it pays off.

I was curious about all the buzz being generated about List My Five, so I took a look at some of their articles they were posting there.  What the heck, I thought, I’ll try a few. After posting a couple of articles, I could see what was exciting them. You can choose any topic you want, so my first one was The Top Five Reasons to Love Squidoo and my second one was The Top Five Ways to Get Rid of Chipmunks Without Killing Them. Within a few days, I’d made 3 cents on the chipmunk article. A few pennies doesn’t sound like anything to get excited about, except the eHow crowd remembers how they started with pennies on there.

As I built up a library of over 400 articles on eHow, it went from pennies, to dollars, and now I earn residuals of over $300 monthly. Think of it like a savings account. You bank your articles, then wait for the interest to accrue. Maybe that’s a bad example with interest rates being so low. The really great part is that they articles keep paying back over months and years, so eventually the pay is quite good. In the short-term it looks petty, so you need to remember to keep the long-term in mind.

I’m compiling comments from fellow eHow and Squidoo writers plus other information about the site on List My Five: A Fun Website Where Writers Earn Residuals.