Theme Park Fun and Other Travel Notes

Snow White and Dopey
Snow White and Dopey

Here are my articles about getting the most from theme parks:

The following ones are not exactly theme park articles but ones related to Disney or to a Florida vacation.

For good measure, I’ll throw in my other articles about interesting places to visit around the United States.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Our camera club at Solivita has an annual scavenger hunt.   We all get the same list and try to take photos to match the assigned topics.  It gets us to looking at subjects outside our comfort range.  I’ll share thumbnail pictures of what I choose to submit for this scavenger hunt.  Here are the topics: water, leaves, repeating patterns, glass or mirror,  looking up, insects,  golf course landscape, machinery, rocks, signs, and sports in Solivita.

 I still need to find an insect to photograph.  All the signs I’ve seen are pretty boring.  I can’t figure out how to get an interesting photo of signs or rocks.
Update on this activity:  I received very favorable comments on the leaves, repeating patterns (tire tracks), golf course landscape (foggy day), machinery, and signs (stop sign) photos.