Love Those Loons

I keep trying to take loon photos and being unhappy with the results. My new camera, a Canon Powershot SX20is has the zoom needed for capturing the loons, but I’m leary of taking it out in the boat where it might get wet or dropped or damaged.

I did find some great loon photos on Zazzle and other loon gift items on Amazon, so I created a webpage for anyone looking for loon gifts. Check it out if you love loons too. I put some interesting loon videos, links and lots of gift items featuring loons (mugs, t-shirts, mousepads, woven throw, books, plush stuffed toy, figurines, etc.)

Those Cute Chipmunks

Rodents aren’t supposed to be so darn cute. After a mild winter this year, the chipmunks in New Hampshire are having a population explosion. It has given me an opportunity to try out the zoom on my Canon SX20is. Capturing digital images of the little critters has been fun.

What isn’t fun is the interest they’re taking in my strawberry patch. I have a photo series of the brazen culprit turning the large red strawberry around in his paws while nibbling daintily on different parts of the ripe fruit. Then we found they were even abscounding with the smaller green strawberries. As my husband waved his arms and stomped into the garden, a chipmunk took time to stuff a not-yet-ripe strawberry into each cheek before running away to safety.

Chipmunks are great tree climbers.
Chipmunks are great tree climbers.

I have several webpages about the chipmunks. The one about Ten Humane Ways to Get Rid of Chipmunks is proving quite popular. Apparently, I’m not the only one suffering from an over-abundance of these rodents with racing stripes. The second one is Fun Facts about Chipmunks and the target audience is children, but I’m finding that it appeals to adults too. It includes some of my chipmunk photos and observations that I’ve made of their behavior.

Update (July 2011): Since people wanted ways to more permanently get rid of chipmunks, I’ve created a new web page called Get Rid of Chipmunks – The Final Solution. Of course, new chipmunks will try to move into the territory left vacant by any that you have relocated or killed. Be prepared to continue your efforts every summer.

Eastern Chipmunk in New Hampshire
Eastern chipmunk (photo by Virginia Allain)

Promoting My Webpages Using Redgage

I’ve been posting my articles from eHow and my webpages from Squidoo to REDGAGE.  Just now and then, I take a little time and add my links on Redgage. It is supposed to help the Google ranking on my articles and lenses to have more backlinks.

While putting on a few recent lenses, I noticed that I’d been a member of Redgage for a year now. Time flies when you’re having fun. During that year, I’ve posted 512 items to the site. It only takes a few seconds to upload a link or a photograph to Redgage.

Usually I get a few comments and friend requests while I working on my postings. There are quite a few people using Redgage that I already knew from Squidoo and eHow. It’s great to see familiar faces.

During my year on Redgage, I’ve had 7210 Total Unique Views, won one contest ($25) and had a photo featured ($10). Although I’m not getting rich on the site, the pennies keep adding up. I’ve earned more than I expected, since my main motivation for posting links on Redgage was to get backlinks for my articles and lenses.

Thieves Stole My Writing!

I recently created a webpage promoting my favorite clog (Sloggers). Being an Amazon Affiliate, I put lots of links to Amazon so people could buy their own Sloggers. They aren’t that easy to find in stores, so I figured my webpage would help all those Slogger fans out there looking for them.

Yesterday I checked how the webpage was doing and was pleased with its page ranking on Squidoo (8,700) and the number of visitors. Then I glanced at the module I’d put on it about Bloggers Buzz about Sloggers. It changes regularly as Google picks up comments on Sloggers from the blog world.

Aack! Three of the comments in the Bloggers Buzz were just a repeat of the introduction rave that I’ve used on Squidoo. I clicked on the links to see what was happening. Sure enough, there were three webpages out there selling Sloggers and using my exact wording. This is totally unacceptable.

I did some searching about stolen content online and found out that I need to file a DMCA complaint.

In the meantime, if you want to see what was worth stealing, check out the introduction to my Squidoo webpage called Sloggers: The Best Clog Ever.