All My Book Related Webpages

Being a retired librarian, it’s a natural for me to write about books on the internet. Here are all the book topics that I’ve turned into webpages on Squidoo.  It also shows the last date that I updated each webpage.  I hope you have time to explore one or two of them.
  Library Book Display Ideas Oct 12 
  What Is an Old Book Worth? Oct 22   
  Kissimmee and Old Florida: Books and Videos Sep 30   
  Reading Stickers for Children Aug 21 
  Becoming a Top Amazon Reviewer Sep 21 
  Children Remembering World War II Sep 27 
  Elsie Lee – Romantic Suspense and Historical Fiction Author Aug 21 
  Good Reads for Young Vampire Fans Aug 18 
  Gene Stratton-Porter: Novelist and Naturalist of the Early 1900s Aug 31   
  Holland: Memorable Books about the Netherlands Aug 23 
  Writers at Seventy, Eighty and Ninety Jul 10 
  Book Oddities: Unusual Uses for Books Sep 2 
  Promoting a Self-Published Book Jun 27 
  If You Liked Angela’s Ashes, Try These Books Oct 12   
  Write with Spunk and Bite May 16   
  Best Books for Kids and Teens in 2010 Aug 12   
  Wanda Ryder – Manitoba Author Aug 5 
  Octogenarian Self-Publishes Memoirs Oct 3   
  Kansas Notable Books 2010 Oct 22 
  Vintage Westerns: My Dad’s Favorite Reads Oct 22 
  Meet the Author: C.J. Garriott Jul 22 
  Self-Publishing with Blurb May 19 
  New Hampshire Lakes Region History in Pictures Jul 24 
  Free Books and How to Get Them Oct 14   
  My To-Read List Sep 25   
  I Love Books and Libraries Jun 24   
  Favorite Books from My Childhood Sep 14   
  Marshmallow by Clare Turlay Newberry Jul 6   
  Book Club Guide for My Flint Hills Childhood Aug 4   
  Miserable Childhoods Make Great Biographies May 1   
  A Is for Annabelle: A Doll’s Alphabet

My Entry in the Tier One Challenge on Squidoo

A Squidoo friend on Facebook mentioned the challenge and posted a link to the forum. Since I’d been traveling, I’d missed hearing about it until it was ten days underway. Sigh, I’m starting with a handicap, but can’t resist participating.

I chose What Is an Old Book Worth? for my lens to prep for tier one. For those unfamiliar with Squidoo, the tier system dictates the monthly payout for the lenses. Tier one has been paying about $20 a month for each lens that maintains the rank for a month. To be in tier one, a lens must be ranked at 2000 or higher. I currently have four lenses in tier one, but would love to get more moved up to that level.

One advantage I have in the challenge is being able to see what the other lensmasters are doing with their lenses to boost their rankings and what techniques are proving effective.

The lens I choose is ranked at 24,000 right now, but has been as high as 11,000, so I know it has potential. First I need to create some backlinks for it (this blog entry makes one backlink and posting it in the Squidoo Forum counts as another).

My Mom’s Book Won a Kansas History Book Award!

I worked hard on the editing and arrangement of my mother’s memory pieces into a book called My Flint Hills Childhood: Growing up in 1930s Kansas. It’s available in paperback at She was thrilled to have her writing turned into a book for family and friends to get copies.

It turned out that the book had a wider audience and the local historical museum carries it in their bookstore/giftshop. Even more satisfying, is the book was selected as the 2010 winner of the Ferguson Kansas History Book Award. The award was announced at the Kansas Authors Club convention last week.

I hope that will lead to more libraries ordering the book for their collection and also more reviewers commenting on the book in various magazines. The author (my mom) has a fan page on Facebook.  There’s even a book club guide for the book.

I’ve created some webpages to feature background information about the book. Take a look at those for information about feedsack dresses, raising a baby badger and other topics related to the book.

Bottom Feeding Lenses

Every now and then I take a good look at my lens that are lurking at the bottom of my lens list. Here are the laggards for this week:

Start the Day Right: Eating Enough Fruit is something we all plan to do, but don’t bother seeking information online about it. Of course, we know that fruits and vegetables are an important part of our nutrition, but then the government advised eating five servings a day. That’s when it hit all of us that we were really delinquent. I haven’t updated this in the last 3 months, so that doesn’t help either.
Romance of the Sandhill Cranes is a photo documentary of two sandhill cranes mating. I’ve been documenting the lives of a pair of sandhill cranes for the past three years. Almost daily, they pass behind my house in Florida so I have quite a few opportunities to take pictures. Probably I should post this on some birdwatching forums. It also hasn’t been updated for 100 days. Sigh.
Have an Old-Fashioned Easter is fairly new, but out-of-season, so I don’t expect much interest in it until spring.
What Is a Do-It-Yourself Club is a crummy title. Maybe I should change it to Start a Do-It-Yourself-Club and Save Money on Repairs. It is 113 days without editing, so I’m neglecting it too.
eHow Zazzlers Showcase hasn’t been edited for 114 days. It was to promote the group members on eHow who were Zazzlers. The group lost focus when eHow closed its writers compensation program.
Make the Money Last is a general compilation of my eHow article titles on the topic of money. Not updated for 115 days. Another case of lensmaster neglect.

Photographing Flowers was just updated today, so I’m hoping it will move up a bit. I found a great YouTube video giving flower photography tips and added it.

Homemade Ice Cream is really overdue for updating (154 days). I should trade or sell this one if I won’t take care of it.

Improving eHow Articles was updated today with a blackbox telling anyone viewing it that they can’t write for eHow anymore. That sort of obsoletes much of the advice in this lens, except I did tell them to add backlinks and edit their eHow article to keep Google happy.

Dog Cookbooks for a Gourmet Pooch is only 24 days old, so maybe I need to tinker with the keywords to reach an audience. I’ll check to see if Google doesn’t like it or what the problem is.

Create a Catalog of Your Lenses was made to tell lensmasters how to make a comprehensive catalog of their lenses using Squidoo’s categories. Maybe no one wants to do this.