Finding New Homes for Things

I’ve posted our outdoor gas fireplace for sale on a local website.   It seems we hold onto things for too long.  Convincing ourselves that we aren’t going to use the item again and really could use the space it occupies is the key.   The recent yard sale inspired me to sell lots of things that just weren’t getting much use.

click to enlarge photo

I’m glad to say the outdoor fireplace found a new home.  Now I have to try posting the Coleman portable grill online.  There’s no use it sitting in the garage forever.  It won’t fit in our campervan, though it was a great accessory when we had the motorhome.

Gail Martin’s eHow Articles – Subject Index

At 84, Gail Martin writes family memory articles online for Our Echo and how-to articles for the eHow website.  Here’s a selection of her varied articles:


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