Topics for Thanksgiving Week

Pilgrim Costume for Thanksgiving Pilgrim Costume for Thanksgiving
This looks great for a Thanksgiving pageant or a school history program. Wouldn’t it be fun for the children to dress in pilgrim costumes to read poems at t…
Thanksgiving Decor - Table Runners Thanksgiving Decor – Table Runners
A Thanksgiving table runner sets the tone for the holiday table decoration. When it’s time for the big turkey feast, you’ll want the table to look extra spe…
Place Card Holders Thanksgiving & Other Holidays Place Card Holders Thanksgiving & Other Holidays
A well-dressed table sets the stage for a festive family gathering for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Valentine’s Day table complete with special place card…
Updated 8 days ago | place card holderschristmas table
Walking Off Thanksgiving Calories Walking Off Thanksgiving Calories
At Thanksgiving, people usually remove all restraints from their eating. Indulging in extra helpings of mashed potatoes, pecan pie and other holiday delights…
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An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving
  The stores stock up on canned cranberry sauce, chilled whipped topping, and other quick fix foods to simplify the Thanksgiving Day preparations. Actually,…
It's Turkey Day It’s Turkey Day
Americans sometimes refer to the Thanksgiving holiday as “Turkey Day” because of the emphasis on the big turkey dinner. Of course, the holiday is so…
Holiday Writing Triggers for Family Memories Holiday Writing Triggers for Family Memories
Following the calendar, I’ll give memory prompts to start you writing about long ago holidays. It’s important to write down these memories to save for your…

Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day is coming up fast. I should have made some Squidoo lenses about gifts for your sweetie for Valentine’s Day, but just couldn’t seem to get psyched up for it. I do have one lens (webpage) about Collecting Vintage Valentines. I collected most of my valentines years ago when I regularly went to flea markets and yard sales. It’s fun to get them out each year and put them on display.

My other Valentine’s webpage is about my brother who was born on that holiday. It’s called The Valentine Birthday Boy.

Never Too Many Christmas Ornaments

I collect Christmas tree ornaments as momentos of places I’ve lived, pets I’ve had, as travel souvenirs and so many other reasons. Needless to say, my Christmas tree is pretty eclectic. Eventually I got a bigger tree, but still there wasn’t room for all the meaningful ornaments.

Now I put up two small trees in other rooms of the house. They are just little 3-foot trees, but I can work with a theme on these, so one is my basket tree to show off all the miniature baskets I’ve collected.

Here are some other themes that I like and that might appeal to you. I grew up in Kansas, so decorating the tree with a Kansas theme takes me back to my childhood roots.

I found a variety of themes to make your Christmas tree special.  Check out the ideas for a themed Christmas tree.

There have been some weddings in the family lately, so I looked for special Bride’s Christmas Ornaments. There are some wonderful ones, so I made a webpage about those.

I worked in public libraries for thirty years. Over the years we tried out many ways to get the tree decorated in an interesting way. If your library needs ideas, check out my webpage on Decorate a Library Christmas Tree.

My sister collected angels. I have a few, but never really concentrated on just angels. When I started looking at what was available, I was amazed. Take a look at all the Angel Christmas Tree Ornaments I found.

Gearing up for Halloween with Squidboo Lenses

Maybe it seems a little early to be thinking of Halloween, but Squidoo lensmasters (webpage makers) are all buzzing about SquidBoo lenses. The thinking is that a webpage needs a little aging, polishing and creating of backlinks before the holiday season. The Get Cracking crew have a challenge going on in August to make thirteen Halloween lenses using the SquidBoo format.

I wasn’t going to attempt it after working so hard on the fifteen lens challenge last month. Daily I see the challenge topic for the SquidBoo lens posted on Facebook. My mind starts churning with ideas, but I tried not to get drawn in as I have a ton of non-Halloween ideas that I want to develop into lenses.

I couldn’t resist, so here are the Squidboo lenses I’ve created in August:

  1. I started off with Fun Halloween Costumes for Couples. Memories of all the great Halloween parties I had came back to me. There was Karen Quinn in her Glenda the Good Witch costume and John in his Munchkin outfit with the big lollipop. Ah, great memories, so why not encourage couples to dress in fun Halloween costumes.
  2. While working on that one, I found some great costumes for book lovers. I pulled these together in a lens called Book Character Costumes: Go Literary for Halloween. It includes Gone with the Wind characters (Rhett and Scarlet) and Prince Charming. There’s more, but I want to hunt down additional  ones like some Jane Austin character costumes. This one falls in the same category as the Costumes for Couples, so doesn’t count towards the challenge. Each challenge lens needs to be in a different Squidoo category.
  3. One category was for foods and recipes, so I combed through Squidoo and made a lensography featuring all the weird cakes and desserts, Halloween drinks and spooky foods that other lensmasters had made. It turned out quite good and should be perfect for anyone looking for Halloween themed foods for a party. It’s called Halloween Party Foods.
  4. While researching the party foods, I ran across some great Zazzle products featuring Halloween drinks. They are perfect for the vampire set or for any Halloween party. Again, this lens won’t count towards the challenge. It’s called Halloween Drink Recipes. I ought to subtitle it “I want to drink your blood,” as most of the drinks have a red color from cranberry juice or other red ingredient.
  5. The one I created for the car category is Halloween Golf Cart Decorations. This one was inspired by my Golf Cart Fun lens. It got some traffic at Mardi Gras time and the 4th of July as I had photos of carts decorated for the holidays.

Time to Plan the St Patrick’s Day Party!

People tend to think of St. Patrick’s Day as a time to get drunk. Thanks kind of a one-sided view of the Irish. I prefer to think of it as a festive day to wear green or a shamrock, listen to all my Irish music CDs, and get together with some fun people for a good time. Please don’t give me a green beer. Here’s my article about getting in touch with my Irish heritage, Celebrate Your Irish Heritage.

The End of Christmas

Last week, I plunged into a hard day’s work putting away the Christmas decorations. It’s not nearly as much fun as putting them up in December. Usually I procrastinate on storing them away. Partly that’s because Christmas is fun and I hate to say it’s over, but mostly it’s because I begrudge the time spent boxing it all up.

The librarian in me want to sort all the decorations by categories as I pack them into the boxes. All the straw ornaments and wheat weavings go into one box, carefully layered in tissue paper. I wrap all the glass ornaments in lightweight foam or tissue paper and box them together. The really old ornaments like the turn-of-the-century santa get wrapped and placed in individual small boxes. It probably was hand-blown in Germany in the 1890s.

My feet were aching from standing on the hard, tile floor for so many hours as I removed items from the Christmas tree and collected holiday decor from all the rooms of the house. I always miss one or two things and discover them days or even weeks later in obscure places. There was no energy left to tackle the big tree, so I left it up for one more day. It stood denuded, but still a stately presence in the living room. The following day, I wrestled it into three sections and, with some assistance, stuffed it into its oversized canvas carrying case.  My husband dragged it to the garage where it will be in the way for the next eleven months.

It’s done… all the boxes stored on shelving. Each box sports a fresh label that says merely “XMAS” and so for another year, Christmas is stored away.

Memory Trigger – Writing Christmas Memories

Christmas isn’t always as happy a time as we would want. Do you have a memory of a Christmas that disappointed you? Were your expectations for a certain gift not fulfilled? We’re you unable to be with loved ones? Write about the circumstances around that disappointment. Tell why you fixated on that anticipated gift and what it meant to you. Try to figure out why it wasn’t forthcoming and explain that situation.

If you spent a Christmas away from home, write about how that happened. Describe the setting where you celebrated the holiday and how it was different from your family gatherings. If you were able to salvage a merry Christmas from the situation, explain how you did that.

Other Christmas memory triggers could be about:

  •  too much snow
  • unseasonably warm
  • away in the military
  • after a recent loss
  • while unemployed
  • other financial difficulties

Here’s an example of a memorable Christmas captured in words by an online friend, Nancy Carol: Christmas Without Mama

Nancy Carol