Christmas Winding Down… Shifting My Writing Gears

Most of the Christmas rush is over.  Gifts bought, wrapped, mailed, unwrapped, returned, etc.  Food bought, prepared and eaten.  Cards sent and received. 

I’m trying to get maximum enjoyment out of the Christmas trees and decorations before having to put them away.  Surely I can keep them up until January 1st at least.  Somehow the dread of boxing all the decorations hangs over my head at this time.  Putting them up was a lot more fun.

Of course, all those eHow articles I wrote about Christmas topics will languish for the next eleven months.  No one wants to know How to Decorate a Golf Cart for Christmas or How to Start a Holiday Ornament Tradition in April. 

So I’m on to other topics.  My current enthusiasm is writing up ideas for library book displays.  I covering it month-by-month, so there’s twelve articles to write for a start.  Maybe I should dredge through my old papers and find other library topics to write.  I doubt that there’s much of an audience for those, but might as well share my knowledge before it gets totally crowded out of my mind.    Here’s the first one: How to Make Library Book Displays for January.


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