Escaping to LaChance

If you’re in Missouri in the autumn, take the chance to tour some wineries. It makes a lovely outing with friends as you drive the country roads enjoying the colorful scenery.

We were slightly south of Saint Louis, so we visited the Wild Sun Winery near Hillsboro and enjoyed it so much, that we went on to the LaChance Winery near DeSoto.

Both sites had patio areas where you could enjoy their great views while you sip your wine. You could get a sampler or buy a glass or bottle of wine. They had food as well but we were saving our appetites for a special dinner that evening.

A red wine, the sangria and a white wine at LaChance Vinyards in Missouri.

My husband tried the Special Reserve, a cabernet sauvignon, and liked it so well that he bought a bottle to take with us. The friend who was showing us around opted for a white and I chose a glass of the sangria to try.

All were quite satisfactory and gave us an excuse to loiter in the autumn sunshine, telling stories and relaxing. It was a treat to escape the hustle and bustle for these moments in the country.

Later that evening, we shared the bottle of cabernet while eating tender venison. Hours of slow-cooking resulted in the most savory, lean meat with potatoes and its own gravy. The LaChance wine was a perfect accompaniment for the tasty meal.

Both wineries had glasses that you could buy for souvenirs. Whenever we use our LaChance glasses, we’ll think of that perfect autumn afternoon on the patio and the lovely dinner later that evening.

Grass plumes by the deck of the winery.