The Civil War Starts on July 4th

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Miriam B. – I’ve got the potatoes!
Marianne C. – I’m in, I’ll bring the hot dogs

Jane B. – I’ll bring chips . . .

Amy H. –  Count me in for potato salad for 1 million, LOL

Jeff M. – Can’t make it. I’m still recovering from the wounds I received in the war on Christmas.

Ingrid E. – Curried Shrimp and GRITS 🦐
Marilyn S. O. – Bringing cupcakes!!
Tom B. – is it dolphin-safe tuna?

Karen B. – Dang, my mother already invited me over for burgers on the grill.

Paula R. –  I’m only giving Alex a sparkler

Flor F. – I’ll bring the cups

Elizabeth L. –  I make a killer cheesecake. Let’s see, it will take at least 50,000 to feed the crowd. 40 ounces of cream cheese x 50,000 = 2,000,000. That’s 250,000 bricks of cream cheese. Could build a wall with that many!

Marilyn S. O. – Dont tell Trump before I buy stock in Philadelphia cream cheese!!

watermelon pixabay
How many watermelons do you need for 35 million people? (photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Dinah R. – Could I have some volunteers to crank the ice cream makers? I’ve got a great recipe for vanilla!

Nina D. G. – Please, nothing with mayonnaise, you much danger of food poisoning in this Chicago heat!

Esther S. –  You would think even his most stupid followers would find this beyond their belief range…but then again, probably not.

ISii L. M. – I’m setting up a water stand in Texas wars are a lot of energy and its 100 degrees…..stay hydrated!!!!
Virginia Allain
Virginia Allain – I’ll bring some deviled eggs.
(The last names have been redacted in case the Trump administration is taking names for retribution)

More funny reactions to 4th of July Civil War here:


The American System Is Under Attack

Many times on Facebook, the discussion is rancorous and fragmented. I found an insightful post by Jeff Prusi in the group, The Talk on Main Street. He gave me permission to share it here.

Jeff Prusi wrote,

It is not just this president or just this administration, it is the Republican party in general. They built Trump. Brick by brick. Stone by stone. Policy by policy. They enable him to this day. They aid and abet his criminal activities day by day. He and way too many of them attack our institutions every day.

  • Our education system is under attack.
  • Freedom of the press is under attack.
  • An independent judiciary is under attack.
  • Our National Intelligence and Security Agencies are under attack.
  • The independence of our Department of Justice is under attack.
  • Our national electoral process is under attack and this administration and this Republican-controlled Congress do nothing except attack those who are trying to find out the truth and fix the problem.

The only thing #45IsIllegitimate had right during the campaign (and since) is that the election was “rigged”. It WAS rigged, just not as he implied. Extreme gerrymandering, voter suppression laws, and Crosscheck Purging, if YOUR party has to use these unAmerican tactics what does it say about YOUR party and their agenda? If YOU support these unAmerican tactics what does it say about YOU.

Today’s Republican Party has become the party of lies, fear, and hate. Today’s Republican Party is ‘A Clear and Present Danger’ to our country and our way of life. Period.”

What Can You Do? Let’s Take Action!

Join your local Indivisible group and/or sign up with SwingLeft. Just put in your zip code and it will give you information about activities you can participate in to make a difference.

slavery what would you do


Trump Is Destroying America and His Supporters Don’t Care

People dismiss Facebook as all fluff and inconsequential chit chat. Since I frequent many political groups I find some insight that you don’t always get from television news channels or the newspapers.

Here’s an example from a group called Liberal America. It is by a retired pastor from Texas.

#45 supporters, so his womanizing was alright with you, his insults were alright with you, his thoughts of incest with his daughter was alright with you, his walking in on young naked girls at beauty pageants was alright with you, his lying about his taxes was alright with you, his not paying taxes was alright with you, his insulting a war hero was alright with you, his insulting a gold star family was alright with you, his draft dodging was alright with you, his cheating American citizens was alright with you, his not paying people who did work for him was alright with you.

His not donating to his charity was alright with you, his using money from his charity to purchase personal items was alright with you, his mean tweeting in the middle of the night like some prepubescent 13-year old was alright with you, his war with the media, was alright with you, his war with our intelligence gathering agencies, was alright with you, his war with the judiciary is alright with you, his talk of sexual assault was alright with you, his lying about a foreign country paying for a giant wall was alright with you, his calling for a foreign government to interfere in our elections was alright with you, his coziness with a Russian dictator is alright with you,

His perpetual lying, his constant scandals, his racist demonic cabinet, his alternative facts, his lying about the previous president wiretapping him, with no proof, his destroying healthcare for millions of people, his giving tax breaks to the filthy rich, and making it harder on the poorest of Americans. None of these things seem to bother you, so, #45 supporters, you gotta ask yourself, what kind of Americans are you? or, deeper still, what kind of human beings are you? Is your hatred actually so intense that this evil orange man is destroying our nation, and you don’t care?

This is why people feel overwhelmed by the Trump presidency. He’s not just awful in one way, he is a total disaster. Despite that, he has devoted supporters who seem able to ignore, whitewash, or twist his awfulness into something they can accept. I just don’t understand that.

This is a meme that was going around Facebook during the campaign. It applies to the presidency as well. 

I guess what boggles my mind is that I’m reluctant to think people who were friends, neighbors, or co-workers are bigots, racists, and hateful. So, if they aren’t those things, then I can only deduce that I’ve greatly overestimated their intelligence level.

Don’t Take Bernie’s Voters for Granted

One of the reasons that this election has me on tenterhooks is not knowing how the vote will split among the 4 candidates. The media focuses mainly on the two traditional parties, Democratic and Republican. I worry that a significant portion of the voters are disillusioned enough to vote 3rd party.

How the Libertarian and the Green Party votes play out is a scary part of the equation. The mainstream media seems to look at the two major candidates and assume that when it comes to the crunch the errant voters will return to voting Republican or Democratic.

I think media has underestimated the disillusionment of Bernie’s voters with the Democratic Party. This is not something that Bernie fostered, but it exists. Hillary Clinton hasn’t made much effort to woo them back into the flock.


Formerly, the Berners in the Facebook groups cheered each other on in making phone calls and donating to Bernie’s campaign. They flocked to his rallies. They shared stories of converting family and friends to Bernie and took pride in how long they stood in line to vote in the primary.

Now, the tone is rancorous with comments like this: “You green party/libertarian f—-rs just need to stop. There is NO WAY in hell Johnson or Stein will win. All you will do is make yourself feel warm and fuzzy at the polls, but not change anything. COME BACK TO REALITY!! Pick one, Trump or Clinton!!!”

Such interactions on Facebook and other social media aren’t creating any unified voting blocks. Trolls haunt the groups sowing doubts and being contentious. Bernie’s followers feel abandoned and most remain dubious about Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Hillary and uncertain about what they should do.


I’ve shared these screenshots and comments so you can see for yourself that much of this election is up-in-the-air. Don’t take Hillary’s lead in the polls for granted. There is much work to be done for anyone to win on November 8th.

I’m scared.

Will Bernie Sanders’ Voters Go Libertarian?

The short answer is a resounding “NO.” Here’s the longer answer straight from the mouths of dozens of Berners on Facebook on July 24, 2016. The question is “would you vote Libertarian?”

Karen W. – Libertarians are just republicans with a twist.

Carol V. – They are Twizzler Republicans. They are the worst of republicans. Richer guy beats the lesser rich guy! Hey, if you aren’t wealthy, with them in power, then change isn’t coming your way. Well, I guess you could get poorer!

libertarian platform
Chart comparing Bernie Sanders’ progressive stands and Gary Johnson’s libertarian stands (meme from the Bernie Believers group on Facebook)

Tom R. – They are Republicans that don’t want to be associated with all of the baggage. I’m going to vote for Bernie if he’s on the ballot but if he isn’t I’m voting Green. Not because I think they’ll win and not because I agree with them on most issues, I’m voting Green to send a message to the Democrats and to try to break the two-party tyranny.

 Raven H. –  Libertarians are literally Republicans… They’re against everything Bernie stands for. Why would you even ask that?
 Alice A. –  “If we boil down the libertarian ideology to its fundamentals, they essentially believe that we should have as minimal government as possible. Government protections of civil rights? Zip. Government regulations of large, unsustainable financial institutions that have already wreaked havoc on our economy? Nope. Government policies that preserve the environment and protect our natural resources? Zilch.”
 Ellen L. – They also eliminate environmental laws
Dakota R.Libertarians don’t believe in taxation… Which is cool and all, but that’s public roads, bridges and highways, law enforcement, public schools, national parks, the post office, hospitals and healthcare, the fire department, congress, the CIA, FBI, the president, etc…

And we kinda need some of those things. 

Eva W. – Oh, HAIL no! They are Republicans on steroids.

Lorrene B. – No way, I’m going Green, I saw Johnson in a town hall meeting, didn’t like his ideas at all

 Laura R. – No Gary Johnson is not a progressive, and doesn’t concern himself with infrastructure or SS or Medicare
Pamela C. – Not even closely related to progressives. Yechhh!

Ruth A. – While many Libertarian “values” may seem appealing, the Libertarian Party of the U.S. is a corporatist party in disguise. Please do more research. They defend Citizens United. They are for the TPP. The Libertarian party is very dangerous. They would burn the world to the ground in defense of the “liberty” to go after profit.
Shelley L. – Not me. He’s for the TPP. Bernie wouldn’t approve and neither do I.
Tom R. – God, Not me! Gary Johnson is worse than Trump!
Theresa Ann A. – NO! It’s nothing like Bernie ideology!
Christine L. – Libertarians don’t believe in taxation but neither does the top one-tenth of the 1% and look where that got us
Paul Michael B. – The Libertarian party is a neoliberal party just like the D’s and the R’s, and thus represent the very root of our problems. Libertarians salivate over the idea of corporations suing governments.
This is my favorite answer out of the batch:
Stephanie F. – Hell no! How could any real Progressive even consider that. They’re Republicans, possibly worse. Libertarians have no foreign policy. It’s basically, “Sucks to be you, not our problem.” Johnson wants to get rid of Medicaid. He could give a crap about environmental issues or infrastructure, so no money would go to those places. Also, Libertarians don’t believe in taxation so there wouldn’t be any money to go anywhere. They’re all for private corporations building wealth, and getting rid of all government oversight of them. Capitalism unchecked isn’t worth crap! I would vote Green Party before I’d ever vote for a Republican or Libertarian. Jill Stein is an intelligent, progressive, environmentally conscious free-thinker, who isn’t owned by lobbyists. She’ll probably get my vote if Bernie’s not on the ballot.
Lee O. – Why? Deregulate and privatize everything. Why the hell would anyone contemplate supporting that?
Erik O. – Are you high, the libertarian USA are nothing more than parasites
Melissa C. – Nope, no libertarians for me. I care about workers.
Joy H.  Gary Johnson is mostly for everything Bernie is against.
He wants to deregulate everything (food safety standards, environmental protections, social security), abolishment of the tax system. It’s a really, really bad idea; more extreme than the mainstream Republican platform.
Justin L. – Why libertarian? It’s the Koch Brothers’ brain child and while Johnson holds to some liberal social issues, his economic policy is Republican; that is to say, outrageously horrible and broken.

Shane K. – If you’re a libertarian you never understood Bernie’s message. We are progressives.

Zarra H. – Libertarian is about 100% opposite most of Bernie’s philosophy and also mine.

Bouncing Back from Super Tuesday

I woke up early to stew over the losses in yesterday’s election. 

I’m composing a letter to send CNN, MSNBC, etc. They are big contributors to Trump’s rise. It’s not the voters or Hillary that I want to bash, but the mainstream media. Their focus on Trump just because it gets viewers to tune in to see what outrageous thing he will say next has boosted that buffoon to this dangerous level. Their suppression of Bernie Sanders’ campaign in some misguided allegiance to Wall Street and to their own big paychecks is a disservice to Americans who hunger for some hope for political change. To see how far Bernie has come with an almost total media blackout amazes me. They are missing the biggest story of the decade.

If they only care about ratings, they should start showing the huge crowds that line up for hours for Bernie’s giant rallies. His followers crave news of their champion. Give Bernie Sanders some features and people will tune in. The pundits need to quit being so patronizing, so negative whenever they mention Bernie.

Several million people came out to vote for Sanders in Florida, North Carolina, Missouri, Illinois, and Ohio yesterday. This is not a marginal campaign. The changes that he calls for are resonating with the electorate. The voters want an outsider, and if Hillary Clinton faces off with Donald Trump in November, I fear the worst.  

If we have a President Trump in 2017, the media can blame itself for setting up this mess. The voters are sick of politics as usual. If the media continues to suppress coverage and diminish Bernie Sanders impact, then a final ballot between Trump and Clinton sets up a disastrous win for the hate-spewing billionaire. 
It’s the morning after and I see the Facebook groups for Bernie Sanders starting to bounce back from their disappointment in yesterday’s election returns. Our belief in this incredible candidate, a once-in-a-lifetime champion of the people, runs deep and strong.
OK, everyone, it is time to go back to phone banking, to canvassing and to donating to Bernie Sanders. He lost Missouri by a mere 1,600 votes. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen again.
trump vs bernie
Do you want to vote for the billionaire who’s admitted to trying to buy politicians, or the politician who refuses to be bought by billionaires? Meme from Facebook (Being Progressive)

Do You Feel the Bern?

If you’re a friend of mine on Facebook, you’ve surely noticed that I’m a big supporter of Bernie Sanders for president. He’s building a huge grassroots following and staying away from big-money donors. His fans are finding creative ways to promote their presidential choice. I wanted to share with you this one, which shows you don’t need big bucks to help the candidate you believe in.

This is Kyle Pillsbury who is backpacking around to get the word out in small towns about Bernie Sanders' campaign.
This is Kyle Pillsbury who is backpacking around to get the word out in small towns about Bernie Sanders’ campaign.
“I will be spending my birthday this year (Sept 13) in smaller towns spreading Bernie’s campaign where so many have heard almost nothing about him. I’ll start traveling down back road highways, and won’t have much access to wi-fi or affordable food, hoping to pack up on some stuff I can travel with and cook, like rice and oats. Thanks so much everyone who contributed to my Go Fund Me request.
Here's his sign on his backpack promoting Bernie.
Here’s his sign on his backpack promoting Bernie.
I’m homeless for the time, and hitchhiking and working around. Since I don’t have a car or place for my sign, I support Bernie, and spread the word everywhere I go, people who give me rides, other travelers, people I meet in the towns and cities I pass through.
I’ve been politically active for a long time, but this is the first time a presidential candidate has gotten me this excited.”
Here is his Go Fund Me page.

Here’s my challenge to you: Think about ways that you can help spread the word about Bernie. Act on that and one-by-one we can build support for this candidate.

#‎EnoughIsEnough‬ ‪#‎FeelTheBern‬ ‪#‎Sanders2016‬