Trump Is Destroying America and His Supporters Don’t Care

People dismiss Facebook as all fluff and inconsequential chit chat. Since I frequent many political groups I find some insight that you don’t always get from television news channels or the newspapers.

Here’s an example from a group called Liberal America. It is by a retired pastor from Texas.

#45 supporters, so his womanizing was alright with you, his insults were alright with you, his thoughts of incest with his daughter was alright with you, his walking in on young naked girls at beauty pageants was alright with you, his lying about his taxes was alright with you, his not paying taxes was alright with you, his insulting a war hero was alright with you, his insulting a gold star family was alright with you, his draft dodging was alright with you, his cheating American citizens was alright with you, his not paying people who did work for him was alright with you.

His not donating to his charity was alright with you, his using money from his charity to purchase personal items was alright with you, his mean tweeting in the middle of the night like some prepubescent 13-year old was alright with you, his war with the media, was alright with you, his war with our intelligence gathering agencies, was alright with you, his war with the judiciary is alright with you, his talk of sexual assault was alright with you, his lying about a foreign country paying for a giant wall was alright with you, his calling for a foreign government to interfere in our elections was alright with you, his coziness with a Russian dictator is alright with you,

His perpetual lying, his constant scandals, his racist demonic cabinet, his alternative facts, his lying about the previous president wiretapping him, with no proof, his destroying healthcare for millions of people, his giving tax breaks to the filthy rich, and making it harder on the poorest of Americans. None of these things seem to bother you, so, #45 supporters, you gotta ask yourself, what kind of Americans are you? or, deeper still, what kind of human beings are you? Is your hatred actually so intense that this evil orange man is destroying our nation, and you don’t care?

This is why people feel overwhelmed by the Trump presidency. He’s not just awful in one way, he is a total disaster. Despite that, he has devoted supporters who seem able to ignore, whitewash, or twist his awfulness into something they can accept. I just don’t understand that.

This is a meme that was going around Facebook during the campaign. It applies to the presidency as well. 

I guess what boggles my mind is that I’m reluctant to think people who were friends, neighbors, or co-workers are bigots, racists, and hateful. So, if they aren’t those things, then I can only deduce that I’ve greatly overestimated their intelligence level.

7 thoughts on “Trump Is Destroying America and His Supporters Don’t Care

  1. paulonbooks March 14, 2017 / 4:10 pm

    And a person of low cunning and low morals tends to attract others of a similar ilk – hence the disatrous cabinet that’s emerging.

  2. Kathryn Grace March 17, 2017 / 7:47 am

    I sit here in tears, reading this, grateful to learn once more that one other human being, this pastor, understands the enormity of the disgrace that is this president and, I might add, the Republican Congress, the Republicans running statehouses and legislatures all over the country. The evil they perpetrate while they do the corporate bidding, and while they bold-face lie to their constituents astonishes me every single day. That so many of their constituents continue to elect them and support them and believe their lies boggles my brain to the point it feels like it’s jiggling inside my head. And this man. This horrible man destroys our country, day by day, and his supporters say vile, mean things, and like you, dear Virginia, for whom I am so grateful, I know some of them personally, and I cannot fathom how they could think this way, how they can possibly NOT care that he does and says and is all these things.

    Until this election, I believed humankind was improving, not fast enough to be sure, but slowly and surely evolving into a kinder species. Now, the upswelling of hate slays me day after day. And yet. All over this country, millions of people make sacrifices every single day to raise their voices in concert against the hatred and the dismantling of all we hold dear. We are a force, no doubt about it. I pray we are force enough.

    • Virginia Allain March 17, 2017 / 12:31 pm

      Your comment, Kathryn, deserves to be highlighted. You could put it on your blog or on a community blog site like Niume. We must perservere.

    • Helene Malmsio June 29, 2018 / 5:30 am

      And one and a half bitter years into his despotic reign, it just gets worse every day, and America does nothing to rid itself of this evil bastard.

      So passive… not a shred of democratic party effectiveness… so few public demonstrations even.

      Complain on Facebook and then *crickets* …. and meanwhile trump just keeps careening the country off the rails, to the gleeful smiles of his supporters shrieking about what a wonderful God given POTUS he is.

      I despair.

  3. heytoto June 30, 2018 / 4:10 am

    I went to a showing of “The Last King of Scotland” tonight and the parallels are chilling. Trump’s supporters tell us to quit exaggerating when we point out the similarities to Hitler’s Germany and I’m sure they’d say the same when I say there are staggering similarities to Idi Amin’s Uganda. It’s what happens when you have a madman + a personality cult in charge of a country.

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