The Bleach Disaster

The cleaning lady worked hard today getting the place clean and sparkling. I always enjoy the shining countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms on cleaning day.

Unfortunately, she’s a big fan of bleach. The house reeks of bleach by the time she finishes. We usually have the doors open to the lanai so the fresh air moderates the fumes. Today was cooler, so the doors were closed.

The worst part of the bleach is the residue left behind. If I unthinkingly lean against the counter while making a cup of tea, I’ll regret it. I did it again today, so guess I’m a slow learner.

2012-01-10 2014 feb 001
The original bleach stain on my blue shirt.

The khaki skirt I wore today has a big bleach spot on the front. The stain could be covered in future by wearing an untucked shirt with it.

There’s no way to conceal the big white spots on my blue shirt though. Darn, darn, darn. I wiped down all the counters with a wet cloth and hope nothing else gets ruined.

Now here’s the funny part: I decided to do a spatter paint project on that shirt to see if I could turn it into something artsy. I did this in the garage, adding bleach dots and flicking bleach across the fabric. Interesting result and I might just wear that shirt sometime.

2012-01-11 2014 feb 003 (1280x960)
My bleach stains turned into graphic designs.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the sense to wear an apron and ended up with 3 bleach spots on a favorite pair of slacks. I’d changed into those from the bleach spotted khaki skirt. Darn it.


2012-01-12 sarah tower 009 (1280x960)
I outlined the additional bleach stains with an indelible marker. Since it looked like a map, I added fantasy place names to it.

(Original article was published in 2014 on the Bubblews site)


4 thoughts on “The Bleach Disaster

  1. Kathy Glascott July 24, 2016 / 4:35 am

    What a clever solution. Can you ask your cleaner to wipe the counters with a damp cloth? It sounds like she has a “thing ” for bleach.

  2. Diana Grant August 8, 2016 / 8:57 pm

    I’ve got a brown stain on my favorite white cotton shirt, so you’ve given me a good idea for turning it into a thing of beauty – thanks for that!

  3. Kathryn Grace August 27, 2016 / 4:29 pm

    How cool is that! What a clever way to save a favorite shirt. Incidentally, bleach has been well documented as a link to breast cancer, so much so that pink ribbon campaigns have focused a good deal of energy on education around it.

    Is your cleaning lady open to suggestions? Both vinegar and salt have antibacterial qualities and are far less harmful. If your she persists in using large quantities of bleach, however, I hope she knows never to mix it with vinegar or ammonia, either of which, when combined with bleach, release a gas that can kill. I had an art teacher once who barely survived such a cleaning debacle. Ambulance barely got there in time. Weeks in hospital. Months in recovery at home. Years later, her lungs still had not fully recovered.

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