Too Many Books?

When someone moves, they often try to downsize and avoid carrying excess STUFF to the new home. Good idea. One thing that’s hard to let go of is books. Many of us get emotionally attached to our books.

Reading a book is such a personal experience. Each reader brings their own frame of reference to the book. Who you are, your values, your past experiences, your current emotional state, all come into play as you read the words the author put on the page.

Even books we haven’t read are hard to dump. That books holds the promise of new characters or information to discover. How can we release it unread? Rationally you can know that you aren’t ever going to read that book, but it still occupies your shelf.

It’s easier to give up a book if you think of it as a gift. Any book donated to a library or given to another reader has another chance to be read again. Even books given to charity thrift shops are a boon to someone. A future reader finds the book on the bargain shelf and cradles it in their arm as they head home to read it.

By releasing your books, you are putting them back into circulation for future readers. Keep that in mind and it becomes easier to downsize your book collection.


3 thoughts on “Too Many Books?

  1. paulonbooks April 1, 2015 / 1:27 am

    I pass some books on to friends and they usually end up in a charity shop. Somehow though, the piles of books do keep increasing …

  2. Nancy Hardin April 1, 2015 / 1:47 am

    I just gave three large boxes of books to a charity here in Las Vegas. No, it wasn’t easy to let go of them, but due to space requirements, I had to do it. I looked away as they were carried out the door. hahahahaha!

  3. Kathryn Grace April 1, 2015 / 3:46 pm

    Oh, Virginia, you are so right, but I have to tell you, I regret giving up some of my books!

    We once had six 6-foot-tall book cases crammed full of books and still had plenty more sitting about the house. When we moved from our three-bedroom home into a small apartment, we had to give up most of the books, keeping only two tall cases.

    Paring down my beloved companions and informers was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. If ever I’m fortunate to build my own home, it will have a book-lined room and plenty of book shelves throughout the house.

    Chances are, though, that my living quarters will continue to reduce in size as I age. If so, I will indeed have to give up more and more books. Thank you for this reminder that my books may still have value to others.

    Your readers may be interested in the American Library Association’s page, “Sending Books to Needy Libraries”, where they can find lots of helpful links, including organizations that collect books for overseas donations to third world countries, where lots of hungry readers yearn for new material. Here’s the link:

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