The Unstable Internet – Bad News about PLACE MY PAST

Another site is disappearing. It’s one that I’d never tried out, but only discovered as it is closing. Looks like a genealogist would find it useful, so I’m sorry to see it go. It let you find locations on old maps to go with your family tree.

If you’ve been using this, there isn’t much time to rescue your information that you may have placed there.

Here’s the announcement:

“We have some important news for our Place My Past users.

One of the main datasets that we use to find locations used in your family tree is called Freebase, it’s a project run by Google that contains information from Wikipedia. Recently Google has announced that Freebase will be retired very soon. We have looked for alternative sources for this information but have not been able to find one that would provide the best experience for our users.

We are also dealing with some other internal issues that would ultimately effect the usability of the site.

Both of these issues have caused us to come to the conclusion that we need to close Place My Past. We will be closing the site on 19 March 2015. All of our members’ genealogical and personal data will be deleted on this date.


The Place My Past team


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