Waiting for the Axe to Fall on Hubpages

Today at noon ended the 4-month grace period on Hubpages for the content transferred over from Squidoo. I’ve checked a few times this afternoon but so far no status changes that I can see.

Already about half of my 595 hubs have been unfeatured for either quality or lack of engagement. Of the remaining topics, I count 46 with red skulls. Early on, I diligently applied myself to updating to clear those away. When the updated hubs went through quality review and appeared with the white dot the next day, I abandoned my self-improvement plan.

Apparently my idea of what improved a hub did not match what Hubpages wanted. I, like other refugees from Squidoo, lost heart and said “why bother?” Now and then in an idle moment, I would try once again but more often than not missed getting rewarded for my efforts.

What will happen today? I expect my 46 red skull hubs to join the unfeatured ones and to be cut off from Google traffic. Since that traffic is almost non-existent, probably no great loss.

For hubs with my family history or Civil War information, I’ll either move the information to my blogs or make one last effort to bring them up to par. Hiding or removing all Amazon, eBay and Zazzle might suffice, though it also removes most chances for any earnings as well.

Hubpages keyboard created using GlassGiant
Hubpages keyboard created using GlassGiant

3 thoughts on “Waiting for the Axe to Fall on Hubpages

  1. Holly Day January 16, 2015 / 4:22 pm

    Indeed, it is discouraging when you re-work over and over again Hubs to no avail. I’m sorry for you Virginia. The worse side of this is that former lenses that would feature products were highly successful while those without products weren’t as popular among readers. But all in all, HP traffic numbers aren’t that surprising. Well in my case, it’s more a satisfaction: my old account on there didn’t suffer from the subdomain change, it suffered from the lack of traffic HP gets. As I’m convinced that those that actually make money on HP can be counted on fingers of one hand only. Till now, none of my Hubs were unfeatured, in all accounts, but I’m sure my turn is coming… Because I want to take measures, I delete Hubs one by one, as soon as I see its traffic drops.

    • Virginia Allain January 16, 2015 / 10:40 pm

      Fortunately I have other options with ebooks and web sites to shift things too. I do feel for those who’ve totally lost interest because of the changes and the demise of Squidoo.

  2. spookmoor January 22, 2015 / 4:25 pm

    Personally I have never bothered with Hubs as found it worse than Squidoo, if such a thing is possible which indeed it is.

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