I Was Wrong

In a previous post, I shared some upward trending stats on a Squidoo lens. Grasping at straws, I suggested that maybe it was a sign of traffic starting to rebound on the site. I was WRONG.

Here’s the end of Squidoo and in another week, the pages lovingly crafted there disappear. Hopefully people took the lifeline of moving their pages to Hubpages or scrambled to repurpose them for their own web site or blog.

The demise of Squidoo...
The demise of Squidoo…

I’ve deleted manually 37 pages that need not go to Hubpages. Hubpages wouldn’t want my lensographies, Squidoo tips and some personal pages created for quests. Compulsively, I saved even those to my cloud storage with Evernote. Perhaps I can glean a few paragraphs from them to use in blogs. The rest are saved and transfer to Hubpages where I’ll deal with them later.

I feel sad, I feel sorry for anyone depending on the income they’d developed on Squidoo and for all those beautiful personal pages and family history pages that may fall by the wayside. I feel angry that Squidoo tortured all of us for a year and a half before finally setting us free.

If you took your content and escaped last year, consider yourself fortunate. Unfortunately, this is not a new story on the Internet. I survived the debacle on eHow when they killed their Writer’s Compensation Program. We learn a lot for each site and take those skills with us wherever we go online. At least on eHow, they offered a buy-out. I do appreciate the 5 figure check they sent me.

Now, it is onward and upward. There are new opportunities opening for us and new skills to learn. My fingers have been pried away from clutching the rail of the sinking ship. It is sink or swim. For many of us, Hubpages provides a life raft. That gives some of us a little more time to take some swimming lessons if we need those.


2 thoughts on “I Was Wrong

  1. wordstock16 August 23, 2014 / 2:33 pm

    While I don’t need swimming lessons, I wish someone would teach me to dive. 57 lenses deleted, the rest to HubPages. I have some lenses I was really proud of and hate to lose them. We’ll see how they do on HubPages Some of the others won’t transfer well so they are saved on Evernote too, hoping to find a more receptive home. I wasn’t sad until yesterday when I finished editing. Then it hit me, it’s the last time I will do anything Squidoo and that part of my life is over. I recently moved all of my Helium articles to a safe place and now, I have lots of stuff that used to make money sitting in limbo while I decided what to do. First thing, update my family history blogs since the links are no longer correct.

    Virginia, I wish you great success in whatever you do!

    • Virginia Allain August 24, 2014 / 3:25 am

      I did get my Helium writing saved, but still need to rescue family photos and history from the MyFamily site which closes September 30th.

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