Just 20, and No More

This spring the Squidoo site advised we should limit our Amazon products for sale on a page to 20 items. Grumbling, I started adjusting the items as I continued the chore of adding more text, adjusting keywords and fixing lenses to suit the new guidelines.

This week, the decree came down from headquarters that the limit of 20 was no longer a suggestion, but would be enforced. Yesterday they rolled out the software that hides the links for any excess Amazon products.

On my list of 660 lenses (Squidoo term for a web page), it flagged 50 that needed to go on a diet. It didn’t surprise me that many of them were Halloween lenses. I’d postponed updating those out-of-season pages, but now must buckle down for some hard work.

Over time, I’d identified some terrific products that fit my varied topics. For example, to trim 10 items from my Barely There Costumes for a Nudist Halloween or Costume Party, for the Eve costume I featured tropical leaves, a rubber snake, an apple and a long flowing wig. I needed to drop some of these, but I hated to inconvenience the shopper.

That’s the kind of decision lensmasters are making as they perform plastic surgery on overly plump lenses. Sigh.. I settled for showing a complete Eve costume and talking about the accessories. No links to those extras. Many Internet users are impulsive shoppers and when they find something they like, they click-through to Amazon and go on a buying spree.

The worry is that although the page may look cleaner, be easier to load and be visually less cluttered, will the reader actually buy if the items I’m recommending are not just an easy mouse-click away?