My First Locked Lens

If you haven’t experienced a locked lens yet, you are probably curious about what you can and cannot do with it. Here are the messages I see in my first encounter with a locked lens:

Whoops! No publishing allowed. This lens is currently locked for a violation of our Terms of Service, as per the email we sent you. You’re welcome to a) Grab your content and take it elsewhere, if you’d rather not continue with Squidoo or b) Review your content and make edits here in the Workshop to improve the lens. But you won’t be able to Publish the lens live until you can demonstrate that the violation has been addressed. Thanks.

When you click on the various links offered, you get more details. This lens is one I chose not to work on based on its previous performance (low traffic/low earnings). It was commercial and thin in content. If it had been a good earner, I would have attempted to revise it to meet the new standards.

Ball Christmas Ornament (ball-christmas-ornament)

This Squidoo lens was ‘warned’ for 21 days, and is now unpublished and locked from public view.

The lens has demonstrated content and policy violations that are against our Terms of Service. In addition to enforcing our TOS, we reserve the right to unpublish (lock) lenses that have shallow or poorly written content, or for any other reason. Read more detail about our locking decision below, which is the same warning the lens was given prior to this action. More questions? Read this FAQ.

This lens is no longer earning royalties, is not visible to the public and will be deleted entirely in 60 days. Here’s how to export your lens content if you want to save it before it gets deleted.

This might be the standard message, since I don’t think the lens had 21 days of warning. The standard right now is 7 days for a lens in a non-giant account.

The other message offered is pretty much the same one you see when your lens gets a “heads up” with the yellow icon on the lens list.

 Low Quality content 

This lens appears to be too commercial, or otherwise low quality

Our system has flagged this lens for being overly commercial, and for being generally lower quality than our community would like to support.

How to Export Your Content

What to Do if your lens Gets Locked

Unlock Me! Poster
Unlock Me! Poster by Glaucidium


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