Requesting More Time for Non-Giant Squidoo Accounts

This is a suggestion I submitted to Squidoo Headquarters.

“There’s been much confusion over how to fix up the lenses that have been flagged. Many don’t understand that they need to click on the yellow icon.

Some lensmasters who only check their email or their Squidoo accounts infrequently don’t even realize their lenses are about to be deleted.

In the meantime, Squidoo has some performance issues (Amazon modules going blank, lenses opening but then defaulting to the homepage, mysteriously disappearing Zazzle images, non-functioning search, etc.). These make it difficult to update pages as required.

I’ve heard of numerous lensmasters who have personal issues (health, travel, work deadlines, moving, family issues, computer problems) that prevent them from fixing their lenses within the one week deadline.

I think Squidoo would appear more generous if an overall extension were given non-giant accounts. These are not gamers trying to cheat Squidoo, these are hardworking lensmasters who sincerely want to do the right thing.

An extension would be a help, but what I really think best is reverting all “heads up” lenses to WIP with a 2 month countdown. The lens could not come out of WIP without making the corrections required by the filter.

In the meantime, those lenses are off Google’s radar and eventually off Squidoo’s servers if not fixed.”

I didn’t mention giant accounts as I don’t think those have even been scanned yet by the filter. I’m sure there is more I could have included but I wanted to get it sent off in a timely manner. People are really suffering with the current deadline and I hate to see that.

What is your thinking on this?

5 thoughts on “Requesting More Time for Non-Giant Squidoo Accounts

  1. Karen Martin Kolavalli March 26, 2013 / 7:46 pm

    Let us know if you get a response. In my short time as an active “lensmaster,” I’ve found that they simply don’t respond. 😦

  2. Virginia Allain March 27, 2013 / 3:01 am

    I did get a reply, but it isn’t encouraging. Here it is, “We’re on a bit of a tight schedule here in trying to clean things up.”

  3. Barbara Hart Radisavljevic March 28, 2013 / 6:03 am

    Virginia, I totally agree with you. And all this is happening right before tax deadlines in the USA.

  4. Joe Garcia March 29, 2013 / 1:13 am

    This is very true. The sad thing about this is in the process of ridding of the spammers, a lot of the honest to goodness people who are writing there are the ones being punished. And I’m sure when the dust settles, you’ll have a lot of good, decent writers taken out or discouraged, while a lot of spammers still left getting away with things.

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