Deciding to Kill a Lens

The first flurry of blocking by the filter on Squidoo has led to a flurry of activity by lensmasters trying to save their work. Indeed that is the very first thing you should do, save each complete lens to your own computer or to the cloud.  I’ve posted Cathy Rogers video tutorial for saving Squidoo lenses for you to view on What I Learned on Squidoo This Week.

The next thing to do is think through what to do first, second and third. Just having a plan will ease the stress a little. Although the giant accounts have not gone through the filter yet, I made adjustments to my lenses based on what we’ve learned about the new requirements.

First improvements went to the lenses that have money on the dashboard. (when a lens is locked, the money disappears from the dashboard) Then I improved all my tier one and tier two lenses to preserve their earning ability.

Next were my purchased lenses so I wouldn’t lose what I’d invested in buying those. Then I worked on the purple star lenses, followed by personal favorites and family topics. I almost forgot about seasonal lenses (Christmas and Halloween) which will be the earners later on. Get those fixed up.

At this point, you’ll see some lagging topics like lensographies, some quest lenses that never got on their feet, wacky holiday lenses, and angel blessing lenses. Also dragging along behind are the poorly conceived and poorly executed or unfinished lenses. What to do with all of those?

How much energy and time do you have? In my Christmas niche account, of the twelve lenses receiving a Heads Up warning (yellow exclamation mark), I did want to rescue at least six of them.

In looking at the STATS for the other six, I found some that were not worth trying to save. They hadn’t made any money other than a dollar or two during their peak season. Each had only 50 visitors a month at best. The products were inexpensive and I’m guessing most people went to Walmart for those items rather than search online.

They had come to me in a batch of lenses and I’d put minimal effort into dressing them up before the holiday. A great deal of added content and a great deal of deleting of products would be needed to make the filter happy. Too much work for too little reward.

I’m leaving the lenses up until Squidoo removes them. That lets me observe the process and also means I can post them here for your information.

Ball Christmas Ornament

Christmas Lights And Decorations

Animated Christmas Decorations…

Christmas Car Decorations


3 thoughts on “Deciding to Kill a Lens

  1. Genealogy Lady April 13, 2013 / 4:34 pm

    This is all new to me. What is Squidoo and what is a lens?

    • Virginia Allain April 13, 2013 / 5:27 pm

      Squidoo is a free site that lets you create a page (they call it a lens) to showcase your interests. I have a lot of genealogy lenses on Squidoo and history topics. The lenses are assembled from modules so you can feature YouTube videos, photos, text, and feature (and sell) things from Amazon and eBay.

    • Virginia Allain May 10, 2013 / 7:50 pm

      I hope you had a chance to follow one of my links to Squidoo and see a lens (their word for web page). It’s a free site and lots of fun for creating pages on any topic you want. I have quite a few pages there on genealogy.

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