Branding My Civil War Articles

I’ve created over 30 lenses (web pages) on Squidoo about the Civil War and my great-great grandfather. On Squidoo, this is called a niche and it’s important to link all those together. That way a visitor to one of the lenses is likely to browse the provided links and end up reading several lenses.

In addition to luring them from one page to the next, I want to get credit for my expertise in this topic. Instead of putting “More about the Civil War” and listing my pages, I put “More about the Civil War by Virginia Allain.” This is my effort at branding.

To help with this, I commissioned a logo for my Civil War pages. I’m putting it at the top of my list of related lenses. Hopefully the graphic will emphasize the connection on all this information that I’ve written and curated. here’s my logo:

Civil War Topics for Squidoo
Civil War Topics for Squidoo

I now have a variety of these logos to use with my Squidoo niches. You can see them at Creating Your Squidoo Brand. They include gift guides, library topics, photography topics, Kansas topics, Squidoo tips and techniques, writing and publishing, and several more.


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